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Welcome to the Breathe Culture Toolkit. This is our roundup of recommended tools and resources for businesses who are working towards creating a progressive, inclusive workplace culture which brings out the best in people.  

We’re on a mission to encourage UK businesses to invest in culture and this is something we ourselves are doing. We’ve found the resources in this kit useful and hope you do too. We’re learning all the time and if you find any online resources which you find useful, please share them with us. This kit will evolve over time and we want to include the latest and greatest thinking from industry experts and real-life examples of how culture has made a difference to businesses.  

Culture Economy Report

Poor workplace culture is costing the UK economy £23.6 billion a year.


Why Culture?

The business benefits of creating a positive culture are increasingly well known. We’ve written a series of white papers and reports which make the case for cultural development and provide evidence that in today’s world, this is every bit as important as strategy.

If you’re relatively new to the subject of business culture, we would recommend starting with these guides. They can be found in the ‘How to use this toolkit’ section below  

How to use this toolkit

The toolkit is divided into five sections, each of which represents a specific area of culture. There’s no right or wrong order in which they should be read. We simply recommend looking at each section in turn. We hope you find the resources as interesting and inspirational as we do. Good luck with your own mission to develop your company culture – we’d love to know how you get on!  



Section Resource
Welcome Breathe Culture Economy Report 
Welcome Breathe Espresso Report - why culture? 
Welcome  Breathe Espresso Report - health and wellbeing 
Welcome  Breathe Culture Pledge 
What is company culture?  Investors in People 
What is company culture? Article: Schein Culture Model 
What is company culture? We Thrive website - measuring employment engagement (paid for) 
What is company culture?   Drive Thru HR Podcast - The non-obvious guide to employee engagement 
What is company culture?   HR Hero podcast: Communicating company culture to stakeholders 
Health & wellbeing  NICE article: workplace health & management practices 
Health & wellbeing  HSE article: Health & Work Strategy 
Health & wellbeing   TED video - what if your job made you happier? 
Health & wellbeing  HSE article: mental health conditions, work & the workplace 
Health & wellbeing  TED Video - How to practise emotional first aid 
Agile workforce Agile Business Consortium 
Agile workforce Agile Business Consortium video: 7 elements of agile culture DNA 
Agile workforce Agile Uprising Podcast 
Agile workforce Book: Agile for Everybody 
Agile workforce Agile for Dummies - IBM co-branded ebook 
Employee productivity Neil Patel article: How to build a company culture that 10x your employee productivity 
Employee productivity   CIPD - online guide to organisational culture and behaviours 
Employee productivity   HR works podcast: 10 minutes of recognition makes all the difference 
Employee productivity   TED video: Creating organisational cultures based on values and performance 
Employee productivity   HR Heroes podcast: Gemma Spinks on making culture a business priority 
Future of work  HR Happy Hour Podcast: HR Technology for Diversity & Inclusion 
Future of work  Total Picture: What humans will do when machines take over 
Future of work  Business Learning Institute slideshare: the future of work starts with culture 
Future of work  CIPD -online community - the future of work is human 
Future of work  Gartner webinar: The Future of Work and Talent 


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