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Poor workplace culture is costing the UK economy £23.6 billion a year


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Our brand-new Culture Economy Report 2020 is now available, containing in-depth research and the most up-to-date, relevant information for your business.

The price the UK is paying for poor company culture revealed

Company culture isn’t a ‘soft’ option. It is the connective tissue that links agility, engagement, productivity, purpose and results. And, in a challenging and uncertain operating environment, it delivers clear competitive advantage for small businesses.

People are increasingly demanding and expecting that business plays a positive role in their lives and that of their communities. With many high-profile scandals recently, it highlights the huge opportunity for agile SMEs to stake their claim to a meaningful role in consumers’ lives by putting company culture at the forefront. It is, after all, the invisible maker or breaker of all businesses.

In this report you'll learn:

  • The price the UK is paying for poor company culture

  • Why culture is as important as business strategy

  • Recommendations for SMEs on building their culture

Download the full report today.

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