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NEW: Employee engagement tool

It's now easier than ever to gain truthful insights and make proactive changes with Breathe's brand-new employee NPS survey tool.

Send out periodic 'pulse checks' to find out how your people are feeling and receive anonymous feedback - helping you to build a culture of listening, integrity & honesty.

Employee NPS laptop & phone

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What's included in our software

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We’ve teamed up with a catalogue of other products that we think go hand-in-hand with Breathe. Discover our complementary partners today.


Accredited HR Partners

Are you an HR consultant looking to take your business to the next level? Offer your clients more and save time on people-admin with Breathe’s Partner Programme.

Free holiday calculator

Quickly calculate pro-rata holiday entitlement with our free tool

Struggling to calculate holiday allowance for a part-time employee, or for someone who joined mid-year? Our free calculator makes it easy.


Our latest blog posts

Animated image shows a man meditating against a lilac backdrop. One half of him is dressed in smart clothes, with a laptop emitting message notifications. The other half of him is dressed in casual clothes, with yoga-pose hands and flowers, showing calm imager. This shows the conflict between work-life balance.

What the right to disconnect could mean for UK SMEs

Did you know that countries including Ireland, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy and Portugal have already legislated the right for employees to disconnect outside of their working hours?

14 May, 2024 by Aimée Brougham-Chandler

Two male colleagues are shown from above, both sat at their office desks. One has a headset on. They're shown to be fist-bumping, showing friendship, trust, or appreciation.

How to build employee trust at work

Losing the trust of an employee can affect more than just the relationship between that particular person and the business. It can also have a damaging impact upon the wider organisation.

7 May, 2024 by Laura Sands