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Seamless applicant tracking system for SMEs

From receiving CVs to meeting the team, Breathe's HR recruitment software allows your small business to take ownership of every step of the recruitment process.

Create and share unlimited vacancies, assign applicants to recruiters, and much more – all with one easy-to-use tool.

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Self-service application

With Breathe’s applicant tracking system, posting detailed vacancies on your website is a breeze.

And, with a built-in application form, collecting important candidate details is effortless.

Applicants can even attach additional documents like cover letters and portfolios, giving you all the information you need and keeping everything in one secure place.

Applicant details in one place

As soon as a candidate applies, they’ll automatically be added to Breathe as an applicant.

From here, you can add notes, reject, archive, shortlist, or invite them to an interview.

Found the right person to fill the role? Once you've hired someone from your list of applicants, simply change their status to 'employee' and their details will be pulled across to your employee database.

It really is that easy.

Recruitment module showing job applicant details
Hire applicant pop up with applicant background

A seamless application process

The employee experience starts with the application process - so it's important you get it right.

With Breathe's HR recruitment software you'll offer a flawless user experience with zero paperwork - from application through to booking their first holiday.

Don’t lose touch with encouraging candidates

Want to keep an applicant in mind for future roles? No problem - simply archive their details and they'll be a few clicks away if a new position comes up. 

You can even add tags next to them so you can keep track of which qualities stood out most.

archived applicants

Full feature list

Simplify data collection with built-in application form

Add successful applicants to Breathe with just one click

Provide a modern user experience with zero paperwork

Archive stand-out candidates for future roles

Seamless applicant tracking system

Assign applicants to recruiters

Keep applicant details in one secure place

Create and share unlimited vacancies seamlessly

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