The People First Culture Series

Your go-to resource for cultivating a vibrant company culture that puts people at the heart of it all. Created in collaboration with Lizzie Benton, the brilliant mind behind Liberty Mind and a true Company Culture Coach, this series is designed to provide actionable insights and real-world advice for SMEs like yours.


Whether you're looking to enhance wellbeing, revamp recruitment, navigate uncertainties, or infuse co-creation, each edition of The People First Culture Series equips your SME with 15 practical tips and creative ideas for a workplace that thrives. So, let's kickstart the journey to a people-centric culture together.

CS edition 1@2x-1

1. Wellbeing

CS edition 2@2x-1

2. Recruitment

CS edition 3@2x-1

3. Culture agility

CS edition 4@2x-1

4. Co-creating culture

Edition 1

Cultivating a culture that addresses current challenges

Dive into the world of employee wellbeing within UK SMEs. With insights gathered from 1264 employees, we've uncovered how the pandemic, hybrid work models, and the quest for better support shape employee wellbeing. Explore new trends in sick leave, the impact of remote work on wellbeing, and the need for comprehensive support systems.

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Edition 2

Creating an experience that matters

As the business landscape evolves, so do candidate expectations. Discover what job seekers truly seek in their next employer. With insights drawn from 1298 UK employees, and Lizzie's expertise, we explore the intersection of company culture and recruitment. Elevate your recruitment journey by effectively showcasing your culture, crafting enticing job adverts, and conducting interviews that resonate.

Edition 3

Future-proofing your people and business

In times of uncertainty, a resilient culture is your anchor. The third edition tackles culture agility, collaboration, and psychological safety. Alongside Lizzie Benton, we offer actionable advice to navigate challenges and thrive. Learn to adapt with agility, harness the power of collaboration, and foster psychological safety within your team.

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Edition 4

How co-creating culture can transform your SME

Shake off the conventional and embrace co-creation for success. In Edition 4, we delve into the significance of diversity, values, and culture as the pillars of your business's purpose. We guide you through strategies to amplify diverse voices, update values collaboratively, and dismantle hierarchies. Understand the impact of diversity, and tap into the magic of co-creation.

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