Simple employee punch clock software

Effortlessly record when your team start & finish their shifts

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Effortlessly record start/finish times 

Keep track of when your team start and finish their shifts with a time-saving punchclock tool.

Simply display on a tablet or computer in your staff room, or have your team clock in directly from their mobile device with the People Portal app

You can even choose how soon your people can clock in before a shift, as well as flexibility for lateness, so you won't need to lift a finger.

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Save stress, boost autonomy

Why should you have to keep up with exactly when your team start and finish their shifts, when Timeclock can do it for you?

Plus - you'll give your team the autonomy they deserve and will feel valued and trusted as a result.

Win-win, right?

Empower employees - clock in and out with ease

Breathe's Timeclock tool empowers your teams as managers spend less time manually managing and validating employee timesheets, while colleagues easily click in and out, with automated working hour validation too.

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3 great reasons to start a Breathe trial


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During your trial, you'll be in the driving seat and have the freedom you need to experience the system first-hand. There's absolutely no obligation to buy, and while we offer a self service experience, our friendly support team will be on hand if you need them.

Leave rota admin behind

Discover the benefits of Breathe's Rota, Time & Attendance module and eliminate pesky manual tasks - for good.