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Intuitive HR dashboard

Everything on your HR to-do list in one convenient place.

Stay on top of your HR admin

Breathe’s HR dashboard is your centralised hub for all your HR needs, providing you with meaningful data right at your fingertips.

Automate administrative tasks, gain an overview of what’s coming up & keep on top of your HR to-do’s all from one place.

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Wave goodbye to tedious tasks

Feel like you're juggling 50 things at once? 

With Breathe’s HR dashboard, pesky HR tasks needn't be one of them.

Automate common HR tasks like sending job application acknowledgement emails, responding to holiday requests, and more.

With Breathe you can.

Total visibility

Save valuable time with a birds-eye view of your HR processes.

Quickly see the number of people you have, how many are on holiday or off sick, who’s due their appraisal - and much more. 

Save time and get back to what you do best.

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Get things done

With the 'tasks' section of the dashboard, you can see a clear list of any HR tasks that need doing - from holiday and expense claim approvals to missing data and one-to-ones.

Never lose post-it notes or paper to-do lists again & stay on top your HR tasks effortlessly.

Monthly Annually

Enjoy a 10% discount when you pay annually. No Credit Card required during trial.

Over 7,500,000 leave requests handled through Breathe

1-10 people
£ 12
/per month per business
11-20 people
£ 24
/per month per business
21-50 people
£ 61
/per month per business
51-100 people
£ 123
/per month per business
101-250 people
£ 251
/per month per business
All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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Centralise employee data

If you can get online, you can access your HR and personnel data – easily and securely.


Observe absence

Easily monitor absences and sickness with the manager dashboard, central calendar and reports functionality.

Access HR documents from anywhere

Try Breathe for 14 days & discover how you can save valuable time.

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