Simple scheduling software

Build & publish your rota in a flash

Build your rota in minutes, not hours

Create your rota and assign your team to shifts in a flash with time-saving drag & drop functionality in our new scheduling software.

Add roles and shift times in seconds, and even duplicate any recurring shifts to make life that little bit easier.

Save your rota as a useful schedule template in just a few clicks and apply it to any upcoming weeks to save you maximum time.

Simple, right?

Save rota template-min
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Availability at your fingertips

As you add a shift, the scheduling software will show you anyone in that role who's available to work, so you can fill the shift instantly without needing to check anything.

Added leave for someone in Breathe HR? No problem - Rota, Time & Attendance will pull your leave data across, making it easier than ever to have availability all in one place.

And, even better - you'll be alerted straight away if anyone's shifts overlap, so you'll never have to worry about rota clashes again.

Shifts & events in one place

Got some big events coming up? Mark these in your rota and keep everything in one place.

You can link up any associated shifts if your team are working on an event, and record any forecasted or actual sales.

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Discover a smarter way of managing your rota

Intuitive scheduling software built for SMEs.