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Why ‘People First’ matters now.

1 min read  |   12 May, 2020   By Jonathan Richards


We’re building Breathe around the cause of inspiring businesses to create happy, healthy and productive workplaces by putting their people at the heart of what they do. We call this a People First culture.

This may sound grand and inspirational (which to some extent it’s intended to be) but it’s also immensely practical at a time like this when we need to pull together to get our businesses functioning at their best.

Being People First starts with building trust – with so much fear and uncertainty in the world, businesses need to focus on being both trusting and trustworthy. But because businesses are made up of people (admittedly people with different job titles) what this boils down to is every person in an organisation trying their best to be both trusting and trustworthy.

The process has to start with the leaders – the clue is in the name. I accept that this will be a giant leap for many who are struggling to keep their businesses afloat. But time and time again I’ve seen that if you are trusting, people will usually prove themselves trustworthy.

The best news is that when people have a shared sense of trust it gets easier for the leaders. And maybe it isn't so lonely at the top, because the top just got a bit flatter.

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