People First Culture Series Recession-proofing

Learn all about actioning culture agility, developing collaboration, implementing psychological safety, and how this can help your business and people to thrive.


Supporting change and people in uncertain times

People and businesses are feeling the effects of the current climate and economic landscape. So what can you do in these challenging times and how can you prepare for the future? It’s time to make a change before you get left behind.  

In our latest playbook, we’ve partnered with Lizzie Benton, Company Culture Coach, to give you workable advice on what culture agility is and how you can implement this. A strong company culture is important, especially when times are hard.  

Discover why you need to act now and where to start. You’ll also learn what collaboration can do for you and where you’re going wrong. And find out how to unlock the key to psychological safety.

Use our actionable tips to recession-proof your culture

  • Explore what’s holding your agility back and how you can change
  • Find out the best ways to collaborate and where to start
  • Learn about the power of psychological safety and what you can do 

This playbook comes with 15 practical tips and showcases multiple ideas – start to revolutionise your company culture and future-proof your business today.  

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Future-proofing your people and business

In edition 3, we share the insights from our recent survey results from SME employees and focus on how you can make changes within your culture to thrive in hard times (and beyond).

Culture agility enables your business to continuously adapt to external challenges, be it a global pandemic, or a recession. Regardless of your industry or sector, your people and your company culture will always be influenced by what’s happening in the world around them.” 

- Lizzie Benton, Company Culture Coach & Founder of Liberty Mind 

Download your free copy now, for expert advice and actionable tips to give your business the growth it needs during challenging times.

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