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The future of work

1 min read  |   17 March, 2020   By Jonathan Richards


Recent research has shown that we’re actually running out of people and the people we do have are becoming less and less productive.

Unemployment in the UK is running at an all time low, at the same time that we are in the midst of a what is slightly comically called a productivity puzzle.

So the future of work is one where there is a severe talent shortage. One where employers must compete for the best people.

To grow our businesses we need to consistently take on the unmet and often unarticulated needs of our customers. This takes empathy for those customers and empathy is still, thank goodness, a human only skill. We cant rely on the robots!

To thrive we need to have the best people working in our businesses and then help them get to the top of their game.

Our challenge as leaders is to focus on building company cultures where our people learn new skills, generate new ideas and generally grow as people.

Culture change happens by evolution not revolution and the good news is that, as small businesses, we don't need anyone’s permission to change.

We can, and should, start today.

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