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How to think like Satya Nadella

1 min read | 19 November, 2019 By Jonathan Richards


It takes a lot to change a companies culture. But when that company is Microsoft, I’d argue that Satya Nadella has achieved the near impossible in transforming it in just 5 years. I’ve become a big fan and take every opportunity to learn from how he thinks and acts.

People who know him well cite three key beliefs that are at the heart of how he thinks:

Learn it all, not know it all.

He has turned Microsoft into a place where it’s all about future possibilities rather than the past successes. How good are we at creating new products? How well do we adapt to change? Does our culture reward risk taking and learning?

Culture comes first.

A winning culture needs a bold mission that captures the imagination and Microsoft’s new one certainly does that ’empowering every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more’.

Act quickly, think slowly.

This seeming contradiction proves him to be a long term thinker who is not afraid to embrace new trends and weak signals. In a VUCA world that requires fast decision making he recognises that 80% confidence is enough to act.

I obviously don't know him but do have to admit to being a bit of a virtual stalker. Every time I hear him interviewed or watch a keynote, he comes across as a decent, thoughtful and caring person. And that’s definitely something to be admired in today’s corporate world.

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Posted on 19 November, 2019

By Jonathan Richards

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