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Are you a creator or a consumer?

1 min read  |   5 May, 2020   By Jonathan Richards


Whenever our country, community or business faces a challenge we, as individuals, have the power to decide whether we’re going to join the search for solutions or become part of the problem. This is the difference between creators and consumers.

To some degree everyone creates and everyone consumes, but it’s down to each of us to decide which way we generally lean. It doesn’t have to be a binary decision and we certainly don’t need take sides for ever. But sometimes our experience makes us want to engage and at other times we’re best off leaving it to others. I cant contribute to the search for a Covid 19 vaccine but I have definitely chosen to use my skills to help find business and economic solutions to the current crisis.

Creators are people who believe they have the power to create the kind of solutions they want. Note: A creator is not necessarily creative, it only means they have the desire to take on the challenge.

Consumers are people who lean towards the view that they have little power to create the solutions they want or need. Instead they must select from options already on offer, wait for others to help them or accept that nothing can be done.

Sweeping generalisations have their limits and certainly neither approach is wrong. Where things become difficult is when someone is permanently stuck as one or the other. But in general I tend to think that life is more rewarding as a creator.

Creators have a growth mindset and consumers a fixed mindset. Creators tend to not think in terms of something being done the “right” way; instead they start with the premise that there are an infinite number of options to get the job done.

So, do you have the mindset of a Creator or a Consumer? Is your life constrained by what ‘they’ say or do you blame ‘them’ for your situation? I accept that things happen over which we have no control but life is generally better when we do what ever we can to put our future in the hands of ‘I’ or ‘me’.

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