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A time for curiosity

1 min read  |   7 April, 2020   By Jonathan Richards


The 24hr media machine is drowning us in a flood of content that is near impossible to ignore. All the top ‘news’ stories are about the Corona Virus pandemic but it’s hard to unearth the facts that enable us to take control of our own thinking.

To keep our heads above water demands a level of curiosity that starts with understanding:

  • what we already know;
  • what we don’t know;
  • and crucially, what we think we know, but don’t.

Then comes a quest for data (facts) to fill the gaps – don’t be taken in by editorial comment which is someone’s opinion. Add to that a curiosity about what others have discovered and consider why they might have different views to us. If we take all of this data and process it into information we are well on the way to gaining knowledge.

The more we cultivate curiosity, the more knowledgeable we become and the better we are able to handle our fears of the unknown.

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