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The Australian workforce is at a time of change with a lingering pessimistic outlook on job security and the economy.

At the same time, the last two years have seen employees reconsider their relationship with the workplace and little desire from many employees to go back to the pre COVID status quo.

Employees are demanding better pay, more training, greater flexibility and improved workplace culture and wellbeing, with data demonstrating a greater willingness of employees to move to find what they want.

The changing needs of employees pose a particular challenge for Aussie small businesses already dealing with a hangover of a different mix of restrictions, natural disasters and new challenges of cost and inflation influenced by global events.

With this in mind, Breathe looked at some of the key challenges faced by small businesses in managing and retaining their people over the next three to five years.

In focusing in keeping their people happy and in the business, the Smallbiz data has identified three challenge areas where small businesses need to pay particular focus:

  • The admin elephant in the room
  • Dealing with the new workplace & flexible working
  • Creating meaningful wellbeing programs


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