There’s been lots going on during the past few months here at breatheHQ, but something we’ve been particularly excited about is the fantastic Snailspace campaign, of which we are proud to be one of the fifty sponsors. Our chosen artist, Mister Phil, spent around four weeks working his illustrative magic on our lovely snail, with his design intended to promote slowing down in everyday life as part of the #BeMoreSnail campaign.

After much anticipation, the time has finally come for all fifty snails to be unveiled to the public in all their glory, and for the Snailspace trail to officially launch on the streets of Brighton and Hove. Here’s a little about what’s been going on so far and an insight into what’s in store over the next few months.

The launch of Snailspace

The fifty bright and beautiful snails were officially unleashed onto the streets of Brighton and Hove on Saturday 15th September to form the Snailspace installation, where they are available for the admiration of passers-by for a whole month. Sussex Transport worked tirelessly over several evenings to deliver each of the fifty snails to their designated spots around the city, ensuring they were ready to go on the big day.

The launch of the trail was kicked off by a preview evening on the 12th September, hosted by Horatios bar on Brighton Palace Pier. The evening saw sponsors, artists and supporters coming together in celebration of the launch and to reflect on the fantastic work from all involved, including inspiring talks from Marlets CEO Imelda Glackin and director of Wild In Art Charlie Langhorne.

During the evening attendees also had the privilege of being introduced to a handful of snails, including those sponsored by British Airways, Punktured and headline sponsor Brandwatch, which were on display throughout the evening in celebration of the great success of the campaign.

Life in the Slow Lane

After many weeks of watching our snail transform from a blank canvas into a vibrant and extraordinary piece of art, we are delighted that we can finally show off Mister Phil’s fantastic work to the people of Brighton and Hove.


Located by Brighton’s iconic bandstand, our eye-catching snail acts as nod to the notions of the #BeMoreSnail campaign and resonates closely with our own company values here at breathe. When studying our snail, we would like viewers to be reminded to slow down and appreciate the little things in life, particularly in the workplace where it is only too easy to find yourself losing that work-life balance.

On unlocking our snail on the Snailspace app, not only will breathe donate £1 to Martlets, but app users will have the chance to enter our prize draw for a luxurious spa day. What better way to #BeMoreSnail?

What’s in store

With the snails making themselves at home on the streets of Brighton & Hove until the 18th November, we’re looking forward to the exciting Snailway Safari taking place on the 12th October. The nighttime sponsored walk will see the gastropods as never before as they glow under the night sky. The evening promises to be a magical one filled with music, poetry and candlelight, as well as surprises with each snail along the way. We’re looking forward to accompanying our snail on the night, bringing some exciting giveaways and activities with us as well as raising money for the wonderful Martlets.

In addition to the Snailway Safari, #BeMoreSnail day falls later in the month which is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of slowing down in the workplace.

‘Our snail epitomises how important it is to step back and allow yourself a bit of headspace every now and then - just breathe! Giving your employees that headspace creates a happier and more productive/creative team.’, explains breathe marketing director Rachel King.

The snail trail will be going strong in the city until 18th November, when they will slide away to be auctioned a few weeks later to raise money for Martlets. Until then, be sure to catch our snail by Brighton’s bandstand and use the Snailspace app to unlock her for a chance to win a relaxing spa day.

You can download the route map to track down us down on the trail – we look forward to seeing you there!