Empowered employees have the potential to reach high levels of productivity when they feel in control of their jobs. However, employees only act as empowered as their employers make them feel.

Do you take a step back to enable your employees to feel self-sufficient in their roles? Empowerment isn’t something that one person can do for another. It is an ability that someone has to give to someone else so that, in turn, they can do whatever it is that they have been empowered to achieve. Being able to take control, use initiative and reach their performance potential gives your employees a sense of empowerment and therefore gain job satisfaction.

To recognise the importance of feeling empowered at work, Breathe are launching a #powertothepeople campaign designed to provide you and your employees with the tools, knowledge and insight into becoming empowered. We will be collaborating with a number of businesses to share their thoughts and success stories on how beneficial empowering employees can be. Please feel free to send in your experiences, good and bad, of a time when you’ve handed over the reins to an employee, or equally when you’ve been kicked out of the nest on a project and soared!

Keep an eye on the Worklab blog, powered by Breathe, for tips on what you can do within your business to start making your employees accountable and feeling empowered. The campaign will cover topics that include; how to align all facets of the organisation with your corporate goals; helping your marketing team to grow your business; empowering your sales team for growth and setting a good example for fellow business leaders.

Interact with us on twitter using #powertothepeople to share your stories, top tips and insights with us. You can also take part in our upcoming live twitter Q&A’s with business owners and have the chance to win big with our unique Breathe giveaways. Through this, Breathe aims to give you the ability to take control and feel empowered #powertothepeople