For most of us, work takes up such a large amount of our life. It is the reason we get out of bed in the morning and the money that we earn from working enables us to have a life, a roof over our heads and a disposable income to fund our hobbies and interests outside of work. If you go out at the weekend and meet someone new, chances are they will ask you what you do for work, it seems to be what defines us. For SME's and start ups this is even more relevant as managers work all the hours they can to make the business a success because they believe in it. So, when work is so ingrained in our lives, how are we meant to get away from it and ensure that we have a positive work/life balance? Marketing Manager at Givvit Rewards, Sofi Newsham, shares with us how they make sure that their office fosters a positive balance.

Tell us a bit about your business?

Givvit Rewards is a self-serve platform that lets you instantly send real-life Treats such as a coffee, a takeaway, chocolates or flowers to your team to show them that you appreciate them. Each Treat is sent with a message, so that you can say "Thank you", “Well Done", “Great job" or anything else you like. You can use Givvit Rewards to boost team productivity, drive sales, re-engage users, build client relationships or improve your customer service. It's a one-stop-shop with Treats from all of your favourite retailers.

How key do you think a positive working environment is for your employees and why?

Happy employees are more engaged, so this is very important to us. We want our team to feel committed to us and their work, which is a lot easier if they’re happy to be coming into the office. A big part of this is recognising when individuals have helped us all achieve our goals as a company.

How do you make your employees happy?

Every Monday morning we have breakfast together and talk about our weekends before setting our weekly goals, then we get together again on Friday to all share our ‘Win of the Week’. It’s really motivating to share your achievements with your team, and to hear what everyone else is up to.

Do you think having a good work/life balance is important?

Yes! Stressed employees can’t work to their full potential. We’d far rather someone approach a challenge with a clear mind in the morning than stay really late becoming increasingly frustrated as they try to solve it. Also, whilst focus is key to success, tunnel vision doesn’t help anyone as it can mean a lack of perspective, having a balance helps prevent this.

Are there ways that you encourage your staff to keep up a positive work/life balance?

We don’t encourage clock watching, but rather focus on the completion of tasks. We also work from home one day a week and regularly go out as a team. By discussing what needs to be done in a week we encourage a collaborative approach, making sure no one’s over loaded and other members of the team can help when needed.

What’s your favourite thing about your working environment?

Definitely the team. Our product focuses on rewarding and recognizing a team’s hard work, so we’d be hypocrites if we weren’t doing that ourselves. We’ve got a really great, hard working group of people who genuinely appreciate each other’s efforts, and they let them know. This can also mean support when things aren’t going so well. 

Honestly, do you think you set a good example of a positive work/life balance for your employees?

Probably not! As a manager I think I could be better at leaving the office at a reasonable hour and switching off more outside the office. Givvit Rewards is a start-up though, so the first few years were always going to be intense. I do make an effort not to email my employees outside of working hours, just because I’m working doesn’t mean they have to be.

What's your best piece of employee management advice?

Say thank you more. Recognise people’s effort that goes into everything you see, and the behind the scenes stuff that you don’t. A thank you is a simple gesture that shows people recognition for tasks competed and inspires them for the future.

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