This blog post is part of the behind the scenes at breatheHR campaign, giving you an insight into the people and the minds behind the online HR system that simplifies and automates people management. 

1. Tell us about the company you work for and your role Kieran.jpgthere

BreatheHR is a SaaS company and I am a software developer here.

2. What excites you most about the work you do? 

Problem solving, web infrastructure and systems thinking. Understanding an entire ecosystem and calculating the ripple effect of change when hacking at the base code or its environment. Building structures from the base up is like playing with Lego, a childhood love I will never leave!

3. What makes you happy at work?

Interesting challenges and a consistent learning process. It makes a difference when you're around friendly people who like to chat. A decent amount of free time at lunch is always appreciated so I can find somewhere quiet to read my book.

4. What qualities do you look for most in an employer/company to work for?

A company that values it's employees by investing in their future by offering training and decent pay. A good employer is one who recognises that work isn't life! 

5. Tell us about a challenge you’ve faced at work and how you overcame it

Digging into the permissions system of and picking it to pieces enabled me to feel comfortable making changes to the base code.

6. Other than the one you work for, which other businesses are you influenced/excited by?

Excited by the international cooperative movement, especially those engaged in empowering communities to become energy self-sufficient such as Repowering London. Also excited by decentralised innovative tech-based agriculture projects such as OpenFarm.

7. What would other people say is your biggest strength?

I can be calm and calculated and will deconstruct something fully in order to understand how it works. 

8. What did you always want to do when you were growing up?

A singer, and I was.

9. What one business application/piece of software could you not live without?

Signal messenger, encryption and protection of our privacy on the internet is of paramount importance considering the current political climate!

10. If you could work with one famous person who would it be and why?

Not too bothered!!  

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