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Automate, automate automate

We’re on a bit of a mission at breatheHQ – a mission backed by 4 core company goals.  One of our core goals is to ‘automate the heck’ out of our admin processes so that our people spend time connecting with customers and our community.  Too... read more

30,000 employees and growing….

breatheHR was launched with an over riding aim of helping small business become great places to work. 2½ years later I think we’ve made some great progress but there’s always more to do … Forgive me if I give the team at breatheHR a public pat on the back – over... read more

Do you have a current business plan?

Ask most small business owners this question and the answer will be “no”.  Dig a little deeper and you’ll get the answer “Well we wrote one back in 20XX when we were seeking funding and we’re still on roughly the same track”.  If you still persist you will get the... read more

When an employee loses focus

If an employee has suddenly changed behaviour and appears to be off the ball there is usually a good reason why.  According to Forbes it’s very unlikely to be boredom! Not in tune with the Company Vision If an employee no longer believes in the company’s mission then... read more

Small Business has a positive outlook

I’ve just been reading the Albion Growth Report 2014 investigating confidence in the SME market and how sustainable that growth is. It’s encouraging to read that in a survey of 450 small and medium-sized enterprises, it finds that 62% are expecting growth over the... read more

The Benefits of HR Software

What’s your view of the need for HR software for managing your employees? Well some people see it as either unnecessary or as an additional cost that they can manage without. But then think what you have to do without it. You may have a paper-based absence logging... read more

How Loyal are you to your boss?

How loyal are you to your employer? Our latest research project with One Poll asked 1,000 employees working with SME’s in the UK that very question. Obviously we are coming out of a period of austerity so would that influence how employees felt about the... read more

What are your employees worth to you?

There’s a lot of considerations to deciding employee salaries.  Anyone who has recruited through an agency will quickly find themselves on a mailing list that outlines industry averages for salaries for different roles. Then, within that framework, you have to... read more

Increasing productivity: An SME’s view

In small businesses you don’t necessarily need to get involved with major consultant-led projects to increase productivity.  Nor can you often afford it.  The problems can be identified and dealt with within the organisation, often in a few simple steps. So if you... read more

Four Tips for a Successful Business Owner

This post has been written by Heald Nickinson Owning a business can be an incredibly rewarding job, but it can often be the most challenging. As any business owner would know, there are hundreds of different components involved when running even the smallest... read more

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