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Increasing productivity: An SME’s view

In small businesses you don’t necessarily need to get involved with major consultant-led projects to increase productivity.  Nor can you often afford it.  The problems can be identified and dealt with within the organisation, often in a few simple steps.

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Could social media be damaging your future career prospects?

The CIPD recently warned people of the damaging effects social media can have on their careers.

In October 2012 – Facebook had 1.01 billion people using the site each month and this figure has no doubt risen since then.  If you asked around your office today – I’m sure nearly everyone has an account and uses it frequently to upload photos, catch up with friends or let everyone know what they’re up to with a daily status update.

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Management Skills for Motivation & Engagement

So the economy’s starting to move, interest rate rises are round the corner, we’re entering a period of opportunity and thank heavens for that.  What we now need is a knowledgeable, intelligent, creative workforce that are motivated to work hard and will stay with the company as it grows and prospers. read more…

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