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Do you have a current business plan?

Ask most small business owners this question and the answer will be “no”.  Dig a little deeper and you’ll get the answer “Well we wrote one back in 20XX when we were seeking funding and we’re still on roughly the same track”.  If you still persist you will get the irritable response “What’s the point in wasting time writing a business plan when we know what is going on anyway.  The business has been behaving similarly each year for the last XX years and so we know what’s coming – and anyway life’s just too short”

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When an employee loses focus

If an employee has suddenly changed behaviour and appears to be off the ball there is usually a good reason why.  According to Forbes it’s very unlikely to be boredom!

Not in tune with the Company Vision

If an employee no longer believes in the company’s mission then they may not care about the quality of their work. Have you recently changed your company strategy? Has this been communicated to your team so each employee can see how they fit in and help to drive the business forward?

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Small Business has a positive outlook

I’ve just been reading the Albion Growth Report 2014 investigating confidence in the SME market and how sustainable that growth is.

It’s encouraging to read that in a survey of 450 small and medium-sized enterprises, it finds that 62% are expecting growth over the next two years. In terms of sectors it’s the production businesses that are feeling the most confident with 83% of them are expecting growth.

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Increasing productivity: An SME’s view

In small businesses you don’t necessarily need to get involved with major consultant-led projects to increase productivity.  Nor can you often afford it.  The problems can be identified and dealt with within the organisation, often in a few simple steps.

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