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Growth mindset in UK politics

1 min read | 24 December, 2019 By Jonathan Richards


Note: this post is not about politics. It’s me trying to view world events through the lens of a growth mindset. I’m not going to mention ideologies, policies or ethics, that’s for other blogs to agonies over.

In the run up to the general election the three main parties (by votes cast) approached their campaigns in very different ways:

The Conservatives learnt from previous campaigns (Brexit referendum, US elections etc) and focused on one simple, clear message that successfully tapped into how voters were feeling. They didn't bother with in-depth policies. Instead, the same simple message was pounded out at every opportunity “Get Brexit done”. They listened, analysed and ultimately won by understanding the mood of the electorate.

Labour took a different approach. They had a bigger agenda “It’s time for real change”. They got off to a good start by listening to the electorate who were tired of austerity but then got carried away with an ideological agenda. An agenda that aimed to achieve their leaders dream. A dream that seemed out of reach to the person on the street. They lost focus on the immediate concerns of the electorate – Brexit. Worse, the leadership confused the electorate by giving them too many choices around Brexit with a message of “You choose”.

The Liberal Democrats took a huge gamble in a fit of excitement and some would say naivety. This was to be their big break, so they bet big. They arguably bet the farm by deciding to go all in on with a slogan over “Stop Brexit. Build a brighter future”. They were blinded by the huge number of remain voters who felt disenfranchised. What they missed was the mood in the country to just get it over with! Also for many people, “Stop Brexit” would mean prolonging the argument leading to a far from bright future.

Last, and most important, the three parties have very different paths going forward – the Conservatives have it all to prove, Labour haven’t come to grips with the fact that they lost it rather than the Conservatives winning it. Worst of all are the Lib Dems whose leader had to resign on the spot. All that learning gone to waste – where’s the growth mindset in that!

Posted on 24 December, 2019

By Jonathan Richards

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