With 2019 well underway, we've taken some time to reflect on the past 12 months - and what a fantastic year it's been for Breathe!

To celebrate, we're delighted to be sharing some amazing statistics with you about how our customers have been using Breathe in 2018 along with some other fun facts.

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Breathe 10m claimed in expenses in 2018

Breathe 400,000 sick days logged in 2018

Breathe 2m leave requests completed 2018

Breathe 75,000 kudos given in 2018

Breathe 58,828 employees started using Breathe in 2018

Breathe 15,906 support tickets answered in 2018

Breathe team grew by 20% in 2018

Breathe 100 companies signed Culture Pledge in 2018

Breathe 13,545 donated to charity in 2018

Breathe 522 new charity accounts in 2018


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