We're passionate about tackling the stigma of mental health in the workplace. From blogs to guides, reports and campaigns to creating Space to Breathe, podcasts and employee-support tools, we've learnt first-hand how to get people talking. 

That's why, for World Mental Health Day 2019, we thought we'd share our learnings.

6 top tips for managing stress and mental health at work:

  1. Start the conversation
  2. Sign up to a charity or support group; we chose Time 2 Change
  3. Gather a team of compassionate minds
  4. Listen to the experts
  5. Check-in at the stress cooler
  6. Read our mental health blogs

1. Start the conversation

This begins at the top. HR managers, CEOs, directors and line managers all need to understand why supporting your employee's mental health at work is so important. 

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2. Sign up to a charity or support group; we chose Time 2 Change

This was Sophie's bag. Seeing a culture gap, Sophie went on the hunt for an organisation that provides support to set up - and nurture - a mental health initiative at work. 

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Find out how to get started with Time 2 Change and check out our mental health mission statement

3. Gather a team of compassionate minds

This is where Space to Breathe was born. We asked our employees who would like to be involved with our mental health initiative. By offering this to the whole company, we were able to attract passionate volunteers, who genuinely care about our people's health and wellbeing. 

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4. Listen to Mind experts

Our People Project Podcast covers a whole host of topics that affect UK small businesses.

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Subscribe, tune-in and follow our journey as we hear expert mental health insights and top stress-busting tips from Mike Ellen at Mind in West Essex. 

5. Check-in at the stress cooler

Mike explains about Mind's 'Bucketfull of stressors' a fantastic analogy that helps to demonstrate how mental health - to some extent - is in our control.

When we saw there wasn't a diagram suited for the workplace, we made a few calls, drew a few sketches and commissioned our Breathe Stress cooler.

Tap into your potential and manage your stress at work by checking-in at the stress cooler:

World Mental Health Day 2019 Stress at work? Check-in at the stress cooler Breathe Mind mental health awareness

6. Read our mental health blogs:

  1. 5 ways to support your employees' mental health

  2. This is why you need an employee assistance programme (EAP)

  3. 6 steps to supporting an employee with anxiety

  4. Unfair treatment at work: what can employers do?

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