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Giving you the tools to make performance management easy, Breathe simplifies the crucial aspects of people management to skyrocket performance. Breathe makes it effortless to analyse and boost employee performance by creating a company culture that encourages praise and feedback. Our HR system provides you with the ability to schedule and record one-to-one meetings, to generate objectives and deliverables, analyse employee performance metrics, and give praise.


Performance management.
Skyrocket performance. Manage employees.

Employees need to know what is expected of them to be successful. Breathe enables you to link objectives to company goals so that employees can better meet and understand expectations. Employees can also set deliverables to meet their objectives so that it is incredibly easy for everyone to stay on track.

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Employee appraisals.
Easy to schedule. Advanced reminders.

Moving performance appraisals online has never been easier or more advantageous. With a few clicks of a button, 1-1 meetings are scheduled and you can rest assured that reminder emails and the HR dashboard will keep you from ever missing another appraisal. You can attach review documentation, mark employee progress on objectives, and score employees to compare performance with the rest of your staff.

Employee one to one scheduling
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Manage employee development.
Promote growth. Monitor training.

From required training to professional development endeavours, Breathe simplifies the process of scheduling and approving training.

Employee training log/summary
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Create a community.
Improve transparency. Stay connected.

Using the community dashboard, employees will have access to company news, the praise they have received from fellow coworkers and the company suggestion wall.

Company news and kudos
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Give Kudos.
Recognise achievements. Say thanks.

Boost employee engagement by making employees feel appreciated with customisable messages. If enabled, anyone within a company can give kudos, which allows HR to see who is really making an impact.

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Take things to the next level. Skyrocket employee performance.

"We love Breathe and make use of the kudos element to determine our employee of the month. It's great!"

Andy Palmer, Cambridge Deaf Association

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