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HR has forever been changed. Our innovative staff management software not only streamlines HR processes, it also enables businesses to work smarter.


Save time, work smarter

Make the most of recent technological advances by installing Breathe’s staff management software at your organisation. Whether you’re a small start-up company, a medium-sized business enterprise, or a huge corporate conglomerate, having an effective HR system in place is paramount to the smooth and efficient running of any sized business.

Breathe’s staff management software helps bring businesses into the 21st century, replacing the need for old-fashioned spreadsheets or paper-based methods with an updated smart system. From streamlining the processes involved with employee performance reviews, to improving the ability for employees to make leave requests from wherever they are in the world, our software makes human resources management simpler and more effective for everyone involved.

We like to keep things simple.

That's why we've put together two guides to show you and your decision-makers the fantastic benefits of Breathe.


Monitor performance

Breathe’s staff management software is incredibly configurable and easy to set up. It quickly aligns with each individual business and modernises all the relevant processes that are involved – whether that be capturing one-to-one conversations, recording agreed outcomes, or simply maintaining an open dialogue between staff.

Our system not only provides employers with up-to-the-minute email notifications, but it also keeps all the information in one, easy to navigate place. This, in turn, makes agreed actions more visible and makes collaborative exercises easier to track, enabling managers to offer support at the most effective point of time.

Manage holidays

Our dedicated holiday tracking service provides employees with the opportunity to request holidays whenever they like. Managers can then sign requests off in seconds, using the visual holiday calendar to determine whether approving the leave is a viable decision or not.

Providing this birds-eye view of the holiday calendar to employers enables them to easily see when their staff members are going to be off over the coming months. This, in turn, means they can plan accordingly, arranging staff cover and prioritising their workload.

Breathe’s service also offers 24/7 access to holiday records wherever you find yourself in the world. So long as there is a stable internet connection available, each business will be able to quickly access their absentee calendar online anywhere there is an internet connection. 

Streamline processes

Packed full of smart time-saving features, Breathe’s Staff Management Software puts people at its very centre. Covering all essential HR activities, our system has been specifically designed to put essential data at the fingertips of each individual organisation.

We make our HR system truly feel like part of your organisation, enhancing your brand, reinforcing your values and improving your employee’s engagement with HR-based processes. In turn, this reduces business costs, improves data accuracy and makes it much easier to pinpoint potential issues before they arise.

Go portable

Our software enables businesses to keep track of their personal data and company documents. Holiday requests, expenses, sick leave – Breathe offers quick and easy access to everything, and allows entire workforces to connect with one other while on the move.

Breathe enables employees to manage their own profiles, making mundane admin processes effectively self-service and saving businesses a lot of time and money. It can also be programmed into any language, and features the ability to give kudos to employees – saying thanks and showing recognition for individual staff members’ hard work.




Which companies use staff management software?

Tons. Regardless of how large a business may be – whether they’re a start-up or a huge corporate body – organisations across a whole host of industries require effective staff management software to fulfil their HR needs.

It’s not just an effective staff management system they need either. Here at Breathe, we have developed an all-in-one system to streamline all types of admin processes for UK SMEs up to 250 people, truly bringing HR into the modern age.

How much does it cost to install staff management software?

Not as much as you might think. Thanks to an abundance of technological advances over the years, HR resources have now improved substantially. Long gone are the days of needing to splash out hundreds of pounds on purchasing and installing HR software. Nowadays, cloud-based HR software is much more affordable to buy, install and run, and is typically paid for on a monthly subscription fee basis.

Here at Breathe HR, our monthly subscription fee starts at just £18 per month (excluding VAT). This price varies depending on the size of the business involved and the number of employees it is responsible for.

Surely there’s a set-up fee involved?

No, not at all. Back in the old days, where you had to pay for HR software up front, set-up fees were fairly hefty and unavoidable. Nowadays, most HR software is charged on a monthly subscription basis, making it much easier for businesses to keep in control of their spending.

Here at Breathe, we won’t charge you for any of the set up costs involved with installing your system, nor will we charge should you decide to cancel your service with us.

How do I get set up?

Simply sign up to our FREE 14-day trial and you could be using our all-in-one HR system as quickly as you can say ‘staff management software’. During this trial period, make sure to try out all the different processes to get to grips with how easy it is to navigate the software.

If you come into any problems during this trial period, or have any queries at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We are dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable, and are always on hand to help you out.


HR software

software designed to manage employee data and automate human resources tasks. For example, this could involve storing payroll information, managing absences, rewarding employees, or inputting expenses.


Breathe’s unique way of allowing businesses to recognise and reward specific employees for their work.

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