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people management software overview

People management software overview

People Management, also known as Human Resource Management (HRM) is the term used to describe the management of employees within an organisation. People Management Software provides a framework for the strategic, financial and policy-related tasks required to effectively and efficiently manage employee admin and support the talent in your organisation.

What is People Management Software?

People management software enables businesses to collect, store, view and maintain employee information all in one place. It offers a flexible solution to manage, advocate for, and communicate with employees and maximise employee management. It puts all of your HR essentials into one unified system.

What are the main features of People Management Software?

People Management Software streamlines and simplifies recruitment, holiday and sickness management, performance management and all other employee-related HR tasks. Features included in Breathe’s People Management System include: 

  • Holiday management
  • Document management
  • Performance and appraisal management
  • Training
  • Payroll
  • Time-logging
  • Recruitment
  • On-boarding
  • Absence management and sickness reporting
  • Expenses management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Systems integration with Breathe’s open-source API 

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Why use People Management Software?

People Management Software makes HR simpler and more effective. Manual HR administration is time consuming, inefficient and costly. People Management Software automates repetitive manual processes and puts the powerful insights required for strategic planning at your fingertips.

People Management Software cuts down the time spent on tedious HR administration, giving managers and HR professionals more time to spend on developing staff, improving employee engagement and supporting a vibrant working community.

This kind of software streamlines HR processes. It provides a powerful solution for everyday HR tasks and supports strategic planning.


What are the benefits?

  • Efficiency - improves efficiency in the HR team
  • Employee experience - employee self-service and mobile access improves employee experience
  • Cost savings - it saves money on upfront costs and brings further savings through efficiencies
  • Real-time data - informs strategic planning in real time
  • Compliance - improves regulatory compliance


Cloud based versus desktop software

Breathe’s HR Software as a service offers a number of benefits when compared to traditional desktop software. These include:

Set up

With a cloud-based People Management solution, such as that offered by Breathe, there are no large upfront fees to purchase software. There is no installation required, you simply access the software as a service (SaaS) through your web browser on the internet.


Desktop software is quite expensive to purchase at the outset and expensive to upgrade, whereas cloud-based software is billed monthly or annually by subscription. With Breathe, there are no set-up costs or cancellation fees. You simply pay per month according to the number of employees you have. There are no upgrade costs.


With software as a service you won’t have to employ a specialist IT person to deal with installation, system management and security. Cloud services are known for their support.

With Breathe, you can access our on-line resources 24/7 and speak with support staff through our online chat at no extra cost. You can even speak with our support team over the telephone during office hours, which is an unusual offering for a SaaS business.


Access is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using cloud software as opposed to desktop software. With a cloud-based service you can access your People Management System anywhere you have internet access using a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. With desktop software, access is limited to the computer hard drives where the software has been installed.


Upgrading desktop software is expensive. Breathe’s People Management Software is continually updated on a 2-week development cycle according to customer feedback and at no cost to you, the customer.


Holiday allowance calculator

Taking the pain out of calculating holiday allowances for your employees.

Is People Management Software right for you?

What types of businesses use People Management Software?

All types of businesses use People Management Software from micro businesses to large corporate companies. Any business with employees, no matter how few, will need to perform a range of HR tasks from payroll management to holiday management and performance reviews. Breathe’s HR software is designed specifically for SMEs.

How much does it cost?

In the past, smaller businesses have struggled to justify the large upfront costs of desktop HR software. But with cloud-based solutions (especially Breathe which caters specifically to SMEs) smaller businesses are now able to reap the benefits of a substantial HR software system.

Breathe’s monthly subscription fees are based on the number of employees you have in your business, and start at £10 per month (excluding VAT) for micro businesses (1-10 employees).

Will I be locked into a contract?

Breathe’s subscription-based HR software service can be cancelled at any time. You are not locked into a contract and won’t be charged again once we have received and acknowledged your cancellation. If you sign up to our free trial we don’t ask for credit card details and if you don’t like what you see, you are under no obligation to continue (most of our trial customers are so impressed they sign up).

How secure is my data?

Data storage in the cloud is generally more secure than data that is stored locally, but there are obvious security concerns. Your data with Breathe is secure, DPA compliant, safe, and available only to you.

Your data is hosted securely on our servers which are protected by a sophisticated firewall and intrusion detection system. We use HTTPS encryption to ensure your data is protected as it travels between our servers and your web browser.

We take the issue of data security seriously. For more information, see our security page.

How reliable is Breathe’s up-time?

We know how important it is that you can access your People Management data whenever you need it. Using an elastic server solution through AWS Amazon, Breathe are able to expand and contract server capacity according to demand. As a result, downtime is a very rare occurrence, with just one outage last year which was resolved within 11 minutes. Breathe is exceptionally reliable.

What do I need to know now? 

Getting started with Breathe couldn’t be easier. We invite all of our new customers to try Breathe using our free 14-day trial. Simply sign up and get started. Our easy-to-use software is fully supported, secure and designed to meet the specific needs of SMEs. 

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