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An introduction to our first series focusing on health and wellbeing at work

5 min read | 21 May, 2019

What is The People Project?

The People Project is the latest chapter in a journey that we've been going on at Breathe, where we've been studying about company culture. Spurred on from The Culture Economy Report, we're trying to understand if company culture is a real tangible benefit to an organisation business, or is it just the frothy bit around the edge?

No big surprise, we found that the companies that really cared about their employees and building great workplaces were the ones that were thriving. The results can be heard in our previous podcast series, HR Heroes


What's in the pipeline?

The first topic we'll cover is health and wellbeing in the workplace. Very topical and also very necessary. There's a lot of high-stress workplaces around. We want to dig deep into that and see what it takes to make a great workplace. 

Then we're going to be moving on to the agile workforce. Now that's a very trendy term in the HR world, but for us, what it really means is that for small businesses we need to work fast. How do we do that? How do we build an agile workforce?

Then we go into the subject of employee productivity, so the government are always telling us that productivity in UK businesses is not what it should be. We're going to try understand why that is and can company culture help improve that? My premise is that productivity in an organisation is all about getting the culture right. Richard Branson said it so well, that if look after your people, they'll look after the rest. My strong belief is that if you look after your people then they will drive your business forward in a way that beats any other approach. 

Having looked at productivity, we'll take a dive into the future of work. Again, it's another very topical subject. There's a lot of debate in the HR world about where the workforce is going, but we want to take a small business look at that. Small businesses can be leaders in how the workplace is set up. 


Who are we reaching out to?

We're looking to provide information and advice from what we've learnt through The People Project Podcast to leaders of culture, small business advisors and line managers. We're aiming this podcast primary at the classic definition of small businesses, which is 10 to 250 employees. But, 20 to 50 is an area where we really begin to see a shift in culture, and defining this clearly can really make a difference.

Direction is really what it's all about and that for me is when you see how culture can create a company that really flies. 

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