Case Study: Breathe Software Partnership with Kane HR

"All of my clients love the simplicity and ease-of-use of Breathe".

Introducing Janice Howell, Managing Partner of Kane HR. Watch to learn more about the company, the services they offer and how Breathe's Partner Programme has helped grow her client base and achieve GDPR compliance.


0:04.3 In terms of how I started out, it wasn't a grand career plan at the time. I was working for a PR company in London, working really long hours and I had very young children at the time and I was actually going to take a career break.

0:17.4 But as part of leaving that company, they asked me to look at outsourcing some of my role. I thought ‘well actually I can do that on a part-time basis because it would give me the flexibility with my young children’. So, I left that company and they became my first client and that's really how it's evolved over the last 19 years.

0:36.0 In terms of the type of clients that we now work with, they come from a range of industry sectors, so we have media clients, we have hospitality, we have private education, we have constructions. They range in size from quite small to large companies but predominantly in the SME market.

0:55.6 We've made a conscious decision to grow our business quite significantly and therefore that's one of the reasons why we've started working with Breathe, and we want to expand our offering to clients.

1:06.2 We were looking for an HR information system for a little while because a number of our clients had started to ask us for that and it's something we wanted to offer.

1:14.8 So I saw on LinkedIn, a post about Breathe and I saw a number of HR consultants that I knew were recommending it so therefore we approached Breathe and started working with them.

1:27.3 The best thing about Breathe I would say twofold. One, is it's simplicity and user friendliness - especially having compared other systems. I like - and all of our clients like – the fact that it is so simple and easy to use. Some of our clients feel quite daunted at the outset thinking ‘I'm not into using an HR information system’ but they all find it really simple to use.

1:48.9 Secondly I would say is the GDPR compliance. Clearly that's a really important issue for everyone - all businesses - and our clients included and the fact that the information can be stored in a GDPR compliant way on one system that both employees can access and the client or the employer makes a big difference.

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