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Breathe's HR management software key to a business transformation at AVK Dental Care Limited

"Breathe is very much central to the services we offer and we have built subscription to the system into the retained service contracts we provide. It's a key element of our service".

"We are very pleased to have formed a partnership with Breathe. We know we have a solid solution which people can use to take care of important yet everyday administration, so they can focus on their people and eventually emerge from the crisis stronger".

"All of my clients love the simplicity and ease-of-use of Breathe".

"Without having Breathe in place, we wouldn't be as streamlined as a business"

"Breathe has helped us cement strong relationships with our clients on a long-term basis. We haven't looked back since" 

"When I started up my business last year I knew that I wanted to be able to offer HR software and I didn't look at any others because I knew that Breathe was the perfect product for me."

“Since using Breathe, I now have far greater visibility of what people are working on and how this correlates to their performance goals and objectives. This is incredibly useful and essential for strategic planning."

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