Case Study: Breathe Software Partnership with Emphasis HR

"Without having Breathe in place, we wouldn't be as streamlined as a business"

Hear from Becky Boston, Business Development Director at Emphasis HR, about how Breathe has helped them perfect their HR advice and training services for the better.


0:04.3 The concept for Emphasis HR and training started with Jane and I when we met, when we worked together at Grant Thornton, which is a firm of chartered accountants.

0:13.4 What we thought is actually most of the problems that occur in HR are just because managers haven't been trained, or haven't got the skills and knowledge to deal with people.

0:22.3 So, we decided there was an opportunity to set up a business on the learning and development side, training managers how to manage people, but also providing much more robust commercial HR advice, as well, and that's where it all began.

0:38.8 We first came across Breathe because one of our clients, which were IT specialists, started investigating different HR software. We had worked with different packages for our clients and none of them appeared to be very good, whereas when I came across Breathe, it was much more intuitive, flexible, easy-to-use and actually really good value for money as well.

1:05.3 The Partner Program was very easy to get to grips with. Everything involving Breathe is very easy, we just don't have any challenges at all and everything is simple.

1:17.5 Without having Breathe HR in place, we would not be as streamlined as a business. We find, as any small business, that having those processes and systems in place are really important.

1:30.6 The other thing that Breathe gives us, which we wouldn't have otherwise, is that robust approach to GDPR. It means that we can transfer documents via the Breathe system, rather than sending them over email or password protecting them. That is a huge advantage to us and our clients.

1:49.4 There's so many advantages, I won't go through all of them, but I think being able to book your holiday remotely is brilliant and seeing who else is on holiday. Being able to record your sickness easily and keep a track of when you've been off.

2:05.1 Also being able to update bank details, address details easily and quickly. I think that's going to be advantage to any business and just really cuts down on that HR admin.