Case Study: Breathe Software Partnership with Bespoke HR

Breathe streamlines the relationship with your clients as you're always available to help with their queries.”

Bespoke HR was established in 2005 and offers professional, independent HR advice, support and outsourcing services to UK SMEs. The company prides itself on providing expert tailor-made solutions to support the business needs of its clients.

Breathe Partner Programme - Breathe Partner - Bespoke HR

The Challenge - clients using time-consuming, unsecure Excel spreadsheets

Clients of Bespoke HR would often use Excel spreadsheets to manage their employee data, but found that these were often too time-consuming. In addition, with the recent 2018 GDPR regulations, clients wanted to ensure the security of their data through the use of an HR system.

With HR software becoming increasingly popular, Tara was on the hunt for a system that would fit their service offering to their clients - a one-size-fits-all approach for SMEs.

The Solution - simple, efficient HR software

Discovering Breathe online, Tara was immediately intrigued by the simplicity of our software.

After comparing Breathe with various HR software providers, we caught her eye thanks to the ease of our software and the efficiency of our Partner service. The provision of an Account Manager - dedicated to Bespoke HR - was an important factor for Tara too.

“Breathe stood apart for us due to its simplicity, efficiency and the bonus of having an Account Manager.”

Tara Lohn, HR Consultant

What happened next? - admin-time reduced, clients' data safely secure

Bespoke HR quickly started saving their clients time and money with the various tools available at their disposal.

Breathe’s holiday management feature has proven particularly helpful for Tara, with manual, complex calculations reduced for their clients’ part-time staff.

With our secure, cloud-based storage, clients now have a fully compliant GDPR service.

“As Breathe helps to ensure GDPR compliancy, this gives us and our clients peace of mind that data is safe and secure. Admin time is reduced as data is held in one place and easy to access.”

Tara Lohn, HR Consultant

The Result - streamlined relationships with clients, an extremely helpful Account Manager

Since adding Breathe to their service offering, Bespoke HR has received excellent feedback from their clients: ‘a straightforward and uncomplicated system’. The company’s own staff also rate our award-winning software highly for its ease and simplicity.

By working closely with their Account Manager, Bethan Roles, Bespoke HR has learnt how to provide an efficient HR service, while maintaining in-depth knowledge of Breathe’s system changes and benefits. Bethan is a great ambassador for Breathe and is always eager to help.

Her clients have also been impressed too, with the expenses and time logging features proving popular.

“Breathe has transformed the way we work with our clients making us so much more efficient in providing support with any employee issues. We believe our ongoing partnership with Breathe will be a significant factor in our future success.

Breathe is not only a good selling point for new clients, it helps you to maintain the relationship with your existing customers. It streamlines the relationship as you’re always available to help with their queries via your Partner Hub.”

Tara Lohn, HR Consultant

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