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Angela Rhodes, Managing Director

Crispin Rhodes Ltd

Becoming a Breathe Partner was a quick and easy process, as was learning to use the software, because of our friendly on-boarding team. Angela has found our holiday and sickness management tools particularly useful, alongside the ability to store documents centrally. She was also impressed with the system’s in-depth reporting which she says has benefited her clients considerably.

"Breathe has transformed the way we work with our clients making us so much more efficient in providing support with any employee issues. We believe our ongoing partnership with Breathe will be a significant factor in our future success.

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Gemma Baxter, Managing Director

Hive HR Solutions

Since becoming a full Breathe Partner, Hive HR Solutions has enjoyed the range of benefits. Gemma recently attended our 2019 Breathe Partner Summit, and also makes thorough use of the 24/7 training and support available to our Breathe Partners.

With the in-depth reporting now available to her business, Gemma’s clients have been very impressed and provided her with highly positive feedback.

Her clients now monitor their employee’s sickness much more closely – identifying absence trends – enabling them to make well-informed management decisions.

“Breathe has enabled me to become more efficient in terms of how I provide information and advice to my clients. I can access their data in real time during calls, which means I can provide them with the information they need immediately. The feedback I have received from clients has been fantastic.”

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Tara Lohn, HR Consultant

Bespoke HR

After adding Breathe to their service offering, Bespoke HR has received excellent feedback from their clients: ‘a straightforward and uncomplicated system’. The company’s own staff also rate our award-winning software highly for its ease and simplicity.

By working closely with their Account Manager, Bethan Roles, Bespoke HR has learnt how to provide an efficient HR service, while maintaining in-depth knowledge of Breathe’s system changes and benefits. Bethan is a great ambassador for Breathe and is always eager to help.

“Breathe is not only a good selling point for new clients, it helps you to maintain the relationship with your existing customers. It streamlines the relationship as you’re always available to help with their queries via your Partner Hub.”

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Helen Astill, Managing Director

Cherington HR

“The system I used to recommend was clunky and I didn’t have the same level of visibility of my clients’ employee data as I do with Breathe. Now if a client needs me to provide advice about a particular employee, I can login and I have all the information I need at my fingertips. This makes it very easy to make the informed decisions my clients rely on me to provide to guide them through often sensitive solutions.”

“Before using Breathe, I was a little daunted by the idea of demonstrating it to clients and prospects as well as providing support but as the system is so easy to use, I very quickly overcame this challenge. I can also rely on the excellent guidance provided by Breathe’s support and partner teams. If there is anything that I can’t resolve, the teams are there for me and my clients and we all know that any problems will be rapidly rectified. Everyone at Breathe is so friendly.”

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Sarah Naffine, HR Director

Lodders Solicitors LLP

“I recently joined a new firm and was introduced to Rebecca through a colleague as there was an urgent need to introduce a new HR database. Without delay Rebecca presented the services offered by My HR Hub and we were so excited about the product that we introduced the new service within a few weeks.“

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Leanne Pick, Operations Director

Purple HR Ltd

“The simplicity of the system was what first attracted us to Breathe. Following our initial approach, we were met with a Company who we could put a “face” to and our initial discussions were friendly and supportive which made the decision that this was the platform for our clients much easier. We were able to speak to the same people each time, this was and remains an important factor for us.”

“It has revolutionised how we work and the offering we can provide to our clients. Whilst management of sickness, holiday and documents etc is vital, we are to present and deliver this as an automated simple system. This allows us to provide much more value to our clients than the traditional HR admin which can take up so much time. We are able to offer Breathe to deliver this and really spend time on the business partnering element of our HR service which can make a real impact for businesses.”

“I think the biggest credit to BHR is that our clients, once they are used to the system, don’t say much!  This is because it works so seamlessly with how they use it as a Company but also an employee.  The less we hear the better! This is the biggest element in our clients referral of our services to others – they are often incredulous that other companies still use excel and paper for holiday/sickness management.”

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Katie Sillett, HR Advisor

Troy Services

“Having worked with many HR systems in the past, we thought, how could Breathe be so different to the others? Well it is. Not only is it user friendly and full of great features, the team at Breathe have been really supportive. They certainly know their stuff. We have found Breathe simple to set up, straightforward and efficient to use. The team make the transition into using their system an easy and pain free one. They are always on hand to answer any questions, no matter how insignificant they may be. This has enabled us to set up a number of our clients with Breathe and they have been delighted with the system. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Breathe to anyone that needs a fantastic HR information system.“

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