Employee recognition: why kudos matters

6 min read  |   17 March, 2022   By Rachael Down

A woman is smiling and holding a star shaped golden "employee of the month" balloon. She is pointing behind her at her colleague who is on the phone in a meeting room.

Employee appreciation is acknowledged as one of the most effective ways to improve company culture and employee engagement. Peer-to-peer kudos and feedback is essential for promoting a healthy company culture and retaining staff. Don't worry, we've got you covered. 

We'll cover:

Off the back of the #MeToo media campaign, it’s no surprise that the lines surrounding employee appreciation are now blurrier than ever. Dusting off those not-so-rose-tinted specs, we’re helping HR specialists and small business owners refocus on rewarding individual and team efforts positively.   

Employee recognition and reward 

Recognition, reward and feedback are every business' management musts. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Research highlights that verbal, non-monetary incentives have a greater impact on employee engagement and thus, business performance. This free-for-all strategy for face-to-screen recognition and reward is also strongly endorsed by Masabi (a transport tech company). They’ve seen that peer-to-peer kudos and feedback is essential for promoting a healthy company culture and retaining staff.  

And Masabi aren’t the only ones who share the same sentiment. TinyPulse (a successful Employee Engagement & Feedback Software business linked with Microsoft) went on to comment: 

‘...employees who were prominent hubs of giving and receiving kudos from both inside and outside of their workgroup outperformed their colleagues’. 

While the stats are well in favour of promoting employee recognition and reward, generally many employees are sensitive to public attention. We’ll ditch the flowers, chocolates and silence the fanfare then... 


How to appropriately handle employee appreciation 

Good news; there’s a solution right at your fingertips. Thanks to our in-app kudos feature, you can now award your team with a virtual sticker of appreciation, alongside a helpful note or comment for all the business to see (and applaud). 

The best bit? You can try this for FREE for 14 days, no strings.

kudos appreciation

Split into categories of excellence, employees and managers can select another member of their team for kudos. Customise kudos types for your company, or feel free to use ours: 

  • Job well done 
  • Made my day easier 
  • Saved the day 
  • Went the extra mile 
  • Living our values: 5 pillars: 
    • People first
    • Can do attitude
    • Growth mindset

What is kudos? 

Deriving from the ancient Greek word kydos, kudos refers to acknowledging acclamation, or praising exceptional achievement. Predominantly popular with academics, it gained exposure within 20th century journalism and spread around the web in the 90s.  

Now prolific in business and educational sectors, this simple plural-noun has covered impressive ground. Weaving its way into boardrooms, offices and corporate social media channels (such a LinkedIn), many HR consultants and SME managers recognise kudos as the go-to-tool for improving employee engagement and encouraging great company culture.  

And quite right too.  

So, in-line with cultivating healthy company cultures and positioning employee’s needs at the heart of business ethos, let's avoid the pitfalls of transactional analysis and show some recognition of our people's hard work. 

Kudos to that. 

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Author: Rachael Down

With a passion for words, Content Specialist Rachel Down, is an experienced communicator with skills in journalism, content creation and web copy writing.

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