Case Study: Breathe Software Partnership with Purple HR Ltd

“The simplicity of the system was what first attracted us to Breathe.”

Breathe Partner Programme - Breathe Partner - Purple HR

The Challenge

Following our initial approach, we were met with a Company who we could put a “face” to and our initial discussions were friendly and supportive which made the decision that this was the platform for our clients much easier. We were able to speak to the same people each time, this was and remains an important factor for us.

The Solution

It has revolutionised how we work and the offering we can provide to our clients. Whilst management of sickness, holiday and documents etc is vital, we are to present and deliver this as an automated simple system. This allows us to provide much more value to our clients than the traditional HR admin which can take up so much time. We are able to offer Breathe to deliver this and really spend time on the business partnering element of our HR service which can make a real impact for businesses.

The Result

I think the biggest credit to BHR is that our clients, once they are used to the system, don’t say much! This is because it works so seamlessly with how they use it as a Company but also an employee. The less we hear the better! This is the biggest element in our clients referral of our services to others – they are often incredulous that other companies still use excel and paper for holiday/sickness management.

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