Breathe has enabled me to become more efficient in terms of how I provide information and advice to my clients."

Hive HR Solutions draws on over 14 years of HR experience, providing support to numerous organisations including Kenwood, Aldermore Bank and Southern Co-operative.  The company helps remove stressful, complex situations, leaving their clients free to run their business and achieve their objectives.

Founder and director, Gemma Baxter, has used Breathe since March 2018 -  seeing the business go from strength to strength.

Breathe Partner Programme - Breathe Partner - Hive HR Solutions

The Challenge - manual methods which were too unsecure and stressful

Before discovering Breathe, Hive HR Solutions relied on time-consuming, stressful manual administrative practices.

Gemma’s clients would often become frustrated with their employees sickness, advising on absence trends was a challenging process as managers would frequently forget when their staff were absent.

Hive HR Solutions was also increasingly concerned about how their clients were storing their employee files with 2018’s GDPR regulations now in place. Sensitive employee data was left unsecure and some files would back-date by more than 20 years.

The Solution - simple, fantastic and seamless software

Gemma decided to investigate the different HR software options available, looking for a simple to use, cost-effective system. She took a free trial with Breathe and was impressed our software fulfilled her requirements.

The software quickly reduced her clients’ holiday and sickness related administration. Gemma’s clients can now quickly input when someone is sick and upload sick notes/return to work documents.

Security was another issue. By implementing Breathe, Gemma liked the fact all personnel related information could be stored in one single, secure place in the cloud, accessible only to authorised users.

“The fact that Breathe is ISO 27001 certified was hugely reassuring. Security is extremely important and Breathe’s accreditation highlights their expertise in ensuring data is properly protected at all times.”

Gemma Baxter, Managing Director

The Result - full range of benefits, clients very impressed

Since becoming a full Breathe Partner, Hive HR Solutions has enjoyed the range of benefits. Gemma recently attended our 2019 Breathe Partner Summit, and also makes thorough use of the 24/7 training and support available to our Breathe Partners.

With the in-depth reporting now available to her business, Gemma’s clients have been very impressed and provided her with highly positive feedback.

Her clients now monitor their employee’s sickness much more closely – identifying absence trends – enabling them to make well-informed management decisions.

“Breathe has enabled me to become more efficient in terms of how I provide information and advice to my clients. I can access their data in real time during calls, which means I can provide them with the information they need immediately. The feedback I have received from clients has been fantastic.”

Gemma Baxter, Managing Director

It's great to see the Partner Programme working so well for Hive HR Solutions and their clients. To find out more about becoming a Breathe Partner yourself, download our brochure today. Or, contact our helpful team today.