COVID-19 Management & Vaccination Tracking

Help keep your people safe with Breathe

Log vaccines the easy way

Need to keep track of who in your team has received their first or second COVID-19 vaccinations?

Record your people's jab information in seconds with Breathe's handy Medical Facts module.

After all - who doesn't like keeping things simple?

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COVID test results in one place

Easily capture your people's COVID-19 test results and use real-time data to assist with risk management - including vaccination status, testing compliance and recent results, with clear identification of any positive test results.

Your team can even enter their own results, wherever they are.

Trace COVID-19 contact & keep your team safe

If someone in your team tests positive for COVID-19, you can quickly see who they’ve worked closely with using the Rota, Time & Attendance module.

You can even run a useful report to see a list of shifts and other teammates they’ve had contact with.

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Store sensitive information safely

Using paper to keep track of any COVID -19 tests or vaccinations? Tired of not being able to find information when you need it? 

We get it. It's stressful, time-consuming and not ideal.

That's where Breathe's cloud-based software makes life easier. Simply log vaccinations within your team's profiles and relax - their data is in safe hands. 

Plus, you can access it whenever - and wherever - you may need it. 

Stay on top of your HR admin

Start your free trial today and you'll see with Breathe you can.

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Smiley Lady with cloud@2x (1)