COVID-19 Management & Employee Vaccine Tracking

Help keep your people safe with Breathe

Log vaccines the easy way

In search of simple employee vaccine tracking? With Breathe's handy Medical Facts module, you can easily log who in your team has received their COVID-19 vaccinations.

After all - who doesn't like keeping things simple?

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COVID test results in one place

Easily capture your people's COVID-19 test results and use real-time data to assist with risk management - including vaccination status, testing compliance and recent results, with clear identification of any positive test results.

Your team can even enter their own results, wherever they are.

Trace COVID-19 contact & keep your team safe

If someone in your team tests positive for COVID-19, you can quickly see who they’ve worked closely with using the Rota, Time & Attendance module.

You can even run a useful report to see a list of shifts and other teammates they’ve had contact with.

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Store sensitive information safely

Using paper to keep track of any COVID -19 tests or vaccinations? Tired of not being able to find information when you need it? 

We get it. It's stressful, time-consuming and not ideal.

That's where Breathe's cloud-based software makes life easier. Simply log vaccinations within your team's profiles and relax - their data is in safe hands. 

Plus, you can access it whenever - and wherever - you may need it. 

Stay on top of your HR admin

Start your free trial today and you'll see how effortless people admin can be with Breathe.

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Smiley Lady with cloud@2x (1)