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If you are looking to improve your company’s performance appraisal process and take the stress out of performance review, then look no further – Breathe’s innovative appraisal software could be the ideal option.

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Employee performance appraisals are vital in business. Not only do they help ensure a better outcome for all employees, they also improve employee engagement and safeguard against the onset of potential mental health issues.

Here at Breathe, we have designed and developed a specialist Performance Appraisal Software to streamline the processes involved with employee performance reviews. Our system can quickly align with each specific business’ performance processes and capture all the relevant information involved – from recording one-to-one conversations to simply ensuring an open dialogue between internal staff members.

Our software enables companies to get to the heart of effective performance management, and ensures that each individual employee’s performance appraisal is meaningful.

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Bringing businesses into the 21st century

Keeping on top of each employee’s performance enables companies and organisations to monitor, manage and improve their business strategy and the results they achieve. In doing so, this helps employers shape their success and keep ahead of their competitors.

Analysing the performances of staff can also make it easy to identify employees who are readily engaged with their work, while also pinpointing those who aren’t. As a result of this, employers will be able to see where they need to spend their time and resources, to either get specific staff members back to working at their full potential or reduce the likelihood of burning themselves out.Objectives & company goals-1

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A modern approach

For many years, employee performance reviews have been a needlessly complex and time-consuming process. Here at Breathe, our software brings these outdated processes into the modern age, catering towards the generation of millennials who are slowly taking over the workforce.

Gone are the days of unnecessarily drawn out performance reviews – today, technological advancements enable appraisals to be completed online in just a few clicks of a button. Whether you want to set and track employee goals, experience continuous feedback, or re-engage socially with your staff, Breathe’s appraisal software allows you to do all this and more.

What are some of the key benefits?

Using Breathe’s appraisal software offers a wide selection of benefits. Here are some of the key examples:

  • Performance management becomes faster, easier and much more convenient – for employers and employees alike.
  • Setting schedules and notifying staff automatically via email is incredibly easy to do.
  • Performance issues can be identified and resolved earlier on to prevent them from becoming an issue later down the line.
  • Employers can receive real-time and continuous feedback from employees.
  • Employers can set realistic goals for staff, which can be continuously monitored over time.
  • All staff members can be accounted for, making it easy to keep track of feedback and specific working objectives.

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Performance appraisal software FAQs

Why is it important to conduct performance reviews?

Using effective performance appraisal software allows companies and organisations to monitor, manage and improve their business strategy and the results they achieve. By keeping on top of these processes, companies and organisations can shape their success and keep ahead of competitors.

Doing so also enables employers to focus on the present and future when it comes to their performance management. The system supports employees in real time, allowing relevant changes to be made in order to reach the performance level required.

What exactly is the purpose of managing employee performance?

Performance management reinforces desired behaviours and inspires employees to perform at their best. It also highlights potential ways to hone an employees’ capabilities and gradually develop their skillset over time.

Is it difficult to learn how to use the software?

No, not at all! In fact, our software has been specifically designed to make the appraisal process quicker and easier for employers. Our visual performance reports provide a clear insight into how well your staff are performing, making it easier for employers to pinpoint who is engaged with their work and who isn’t. Recognising individuals who are performing well can make a big difference to preventing potential burnout, and ensuring that they remain motivated to complete their work.

What are the key benefits of using performance appraisal software?

Breathe’s appraisal software allows employers to keep track of the current performance levels of their staff, making it easy to pinpoint employees who are engaged or disengaged with their work.

Here are some of the other key benefits you can expect from using dedicated performance appraisal software:

  • The system is faster and more convenient than outdated paper processes.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It can save time.
  • It helps streamline processes and improves organisation.
  • It can identify potential issues sooner rather than later.
  • It offers the opportunity for real-time feedback.
  • It accounts for all members of staff.

Which companies use your performance appraisal software?

Whether it be a marketing agency, a call centre or an estate agent, many companies and sectors rely on performance appraisal software to support their HR processes. Here at Breathe, though, we have developed a range of other types of software specifically tailored to meet each individual business’ needs. Every aspect of our all-in-one HR software focuses on bringing HR into the 21st century.

Does your software only work while in the office?

No. As long as you have a stable internet connection, our software can be used wherever you are in the world. We remove the need for companies to use tedious paper-based methods to manage their employees’ performance – our innovative software brings businesses into the modern age and can even be used while out and about on any device with an internet connection. 

Is it safe to use cloud-based HR software?

Yes – your company’s confidentiality is our greatest concern. As such, we make sure to store your organisation’s data on highly secure remote servers in our UK-based data centre. We then use several physical controls to protect your company’s information, including CCTV, motion sensors, reinforced doors and controlled key storage systems.

How easy is it to access data?

Accessing your company’s data is super easy. All you need is an active internet connection to access our software. Employers don’t need to be in the office to update objectives or monitor employee performance – using Breathe, you can submit requests and schedule reviews whenever suits you best.

Is it expensive to buy, install and use?

Thanks to recent advances, HR resources are now more cost-effective than ever before. We offer our cloud-based software as a monthly subscription fee starting at just £18 per month (excluding VAT). The exact price you will pay varies depending on the number of employees who work in your company.  

In terms of installation costs, since we are run as a subscription service, there are no large costs to pay up-front. Plus, should you decide to cancel your service with us, we won’t ask for any cancellation fees either.

How do I get started?

Simply sign up to our FREE 14-day trial and you will soon be able to see for yourself just how easy it is to use our software. During your trial period, you will be able to try out all aspects of the system we offer, so make sure to use our dedicated performance review software to see how much it could streamline your business’ entire appraisal process.


HR software: software designed to manage employee data and automate human resources tasks. This could involve storing payroll information, managing absences or rewarding employees.

Mental health: a person’s condition with specific regard to their emotional well-being while at work.

Performance review: an evaluation into an individual employee’s job performance. The purpose of this is to assess their contribution to a company and evaluate their skills, achievements, and growth.

Performance management: the process of ensuring a set of activities or achieved objectives correlates with the specific aims of a business, department, or employee.

Appraisal: the act of assessing an employee’s work performance.

Cloud: the method of storing and accessing data over the internet rather than via a computer’s hard drive.

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