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Welcome to the second edition of The People First Culture Series. 2022 is recognised as the ‘Year of the Employee’, alongside the theme of ‘The Great Resignation’, which has seen a phenomenal number of individuals reflecting and resetting their priorities and addressing what makes them happy.

It’s a crucial time for employers to adapt to an ever-changing world and employee expectations – if you don’t offer something millennials or gen z are looking for, it’s more than likely another business will.

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In July 2022, we surveyed 1298 employees from the UK* and partnered with Lizzie Benton, Company Culture Coach & Founder of Liberty Mind, to delve into the recruitment journey from a culture angle.

From the reality of job searching today to the all-important interview process, we wanted to discover just how much company culture truly influenced candidates in choosing their next role.

Do candidates think about company culture when looking for the next step in their career? Are job adverts a true reflection of the expectations or completely unrealistic? What aspects about a company would put an ideal candidate off accepting a role?

Read the full report to find out the answers to our recruitment questions, alongside practical tips and expert advice to ensure your processes help company culture to flourish and onboard great employees.


What jobs do Millennials and Gen Z want?

Company culture may once have barely been a consideration in people’s job search – however the period of self-reflection brought on by the pandemic, has meant many are now more conscious about what type of workplace culture they may be getting themselves into.

A younger generation is entering the workforce, alongside the already hyper-vigilant millennials, which means you have to adapt your company culture to meet the needs and wants of a majority workforce. These generations don’t just like the idea of company culture, they see it as an expectation. Our research confirms this mindset, as 86% of workers aged between 18-34 are more likely to consider company culture in their job search than any other generation.

Download the report to learn more about how company culture affects your recruitment and 5 steps to tackle it.

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Even from the first touch point, candidates could be turning away from your business, and it’s all because of poor job adverts.

We live in a fast-paced, hyper-digital world, where everyone is vying for attention; yet here we are, still creating job adverts that don’t deliver an experience, let alone give candidates the information they need.

When we asked UK workers what would put them off the most when applying for a role, 81% say they would never apply for a role with an unrealistic expectation in the job description, and 77% confirmed that they wouldn’t apply if there was no salary listed.

Download the report for 5 steps to transform your job adverts.

It’s not just the candidate who’s being vetted in the interview process, it’s also your business.

As candidates are now ever-conscious of the companies they wish to work for, you can fully expect that you’ll now be asked questions about your company culture.

From our research, 71% of UK workers say they would ask about company culture in a job interview, along with 18% who would always do this.


Download the report to learn more about the culture represented within your interview process and 5 steps to improve it.


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