People First Culture Series – Recruitment

Discover what potential candidates really want from their next employer and ways to address our research findings.


A time of reprioritising and reassessing for UK employees

It’s a crucial time for employers to adapt to an ever-changing world and employee expectations – if you don’t offer something candidates are looking for, it’s more than likely another business will.  

We surveyed 1298 employees from the UK and partnered with Lizzie Benton, Company Culture Coach, to delve into the recruitment journey from a company culture angle. 

From the reality of job searching today to the all-important interview process, discover just how much company culture truly influences candidates in choosing their next role and workplace. 

Gain practical ideas to transform your recruitment process

  • Learn how to shout about your company culture in the right way 
  • Discover how you can create inspiring job adverts 
  • Find out how to create an interview process that sets the right tone


With 5 tips and ideas in each section of the playbook, you can start transforming your recruitment process and showcasing your company culture in no time.

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Creating an experience that matters

In edition 2, we highlight the essential factors from the survey results and explore how your company culture is an important component. 

“As a business you may not realise that everything you do represents your company culture. Even without consciously deciding on your values, you already have an unconscious culture – because it’s in the way you act and behave. Becoming conscious of the company culture you have right now is the only way to evolve it so that you can begin to attract future employees.”  

- Lizzie Benton, Company Culture Coach & Founder of Liberty Mind 

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