Shift patterns & planning for hospitality, healthcare and retail

As businesses begin to plan a return to work strategy, can technology help manage people return to their workplace safely? 

We recently conducted a return to work survey to over 480 senior business leaders and employers, findings of the survey highlighted that: 

  • Almost three-quarters (70.6%) stated they are planning on returning their workforce back to the office in a phased, partial manner
  • More than half of those surveyed (55.2%) are concerned about returning to work
  • A staggering 88% of respondents are not comfortable using public transport to commute in 2020. 

On the 1st July, we introduced a new product that will be free to use until the 1st January 2020. Breathe Rota is a brand-new product we have designed in response to requests from our customers for software which enables them to organise and manage shifts longer term as well as a platform to support a phased return to work strategy for their people now.  Breathe Rota is ideal for people who are new to shift management and scheduling or currently rely on spreadsheets, wallplanners, paper files and filing cabinets.

Above all, Breathe Rota has been designed to help you cut through admin and save time. Your time is precious and the less you spend on admin, the more you can focus on supporting your people and the things that really matter.

In a recent blog Breathe’s co-founder and CEO- Jonathan Richards- explains the reasons why we have developed Breathe Rota which began in late 2019. 

Breathe Rota in a nutshell – top 10 features

  •  Build customisable rotas from scratch
  • Check staff availability
  • Ensure you have people with the right skills for each shift
  • Send team members shift details in seconds
  • Update schedules quickly and easily
  • At-a-glance calendar tells you who is working, where and when
  • Accessible from laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • 100% optimised for mobile
  • Hosted securely online on your behalf
  • Fully – and freely – supported by our friendly team

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Who is Breathe Rota for?

We understand that there will be many businesses who are developing phased ‘back to work’ plans which will include rota management and staggering shifts, perhaps for the first time.

If you work in a sector where rotas and shift planning are already the norm – like healthcare, retail or hospitality- or if you are using them for the first time to help get people back to work, Breathe Rota is for you.

Developing Breathe Rota has been an exciting project and to make sure we have got it right, we have worked with a number of businesses to understand their shift-planning management challenges and priorities. These include:

  • Care homes and healthcare providers
  • Retailers
  • Pubs, restaurants and cafes
  • Call centres
  • Hair and beauty salons

Support for you and your business

 We want you to love our software as much as we do. Our onboarding team are here to show you how to get started with Breathe Rota and once you are up to speed, you are welcome to contact our support team if you have any questions. Support and training are free of charge – it’s all part of the service.  

 To help get you started, we offer a free trial and a demo by one of our friendly onboarding team members.

Breathe in the cloud  

Breathe Rota is hosted on your behalf in the cloud. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) who provide state-of-the-art, ultra-secure hosting facilities which are ISO 270001 certified. This means you don’t need buy new servers to host our or software worry about backups and updates. These are all done for you. We are 100% committed to the safety and security of our customers’ data.


COVID-19 and coming back stronger

 Small businesses are the backbone of the economy and will be key to helping the UK recover from the COROVID-19 crisis. There are tough times ahead and we asked ourselves what we could do to help ease at least some of the burden.

We decided to make Breathe Rota freely available for all businesses until the 1st January 2021. After this date, the fee for subscribing to Breathe Rota will begin at just £5.00 per month. 

Breathe Rota – resources for your business 

Webinars and podcasts

 Through the COVID-19 crisis, we have co-hosted a number of webinars with leading HR experts. These focus on various aspects of people management, planning for the future and all-important agile working practises.

In this recent webinar we co-hosted with Rebecca Woolmington, MD of HR Central we discussed the practical steps businesses can take to create an effective ‘back to work’ plan.

We also co-hosted a webinar with Jo and Dave Blood from Posture people who talked about preparing the workplace for returning employees.

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