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Episode 4: What is agile working - Perry Timms

Casting sprints, kanbans and techy dev-jargon aside, what do we mean by agile working?

HR influencer and one-to-watch, Perry Timms joins us at Breathe HQ to explain more. Enjoy the podcast. 

Autonomous, aligned, agile working... It's not just some free-for-all where people can work on pet projects. 

What is agile working? Listen and learn with us by subscribing to The People Project Podcast. 

We hope to uncover how and why adopting an agile mindset can improve performance and longevity in business. Similar to our first series on ‘What defines mental health at work’, we’ll:

What is agile working The People Project Podcast Perry Timms agile working
  • Ep 4: start by asking advice from agile expert Perry Timms.
  • Ep 5: find out what’s happening on the industry today by welcoming HR and agile SME managers into the studio.
  • Ep 6: see how we can implement our learnings into our team at Breathe.

We’re not talking about the agile methodology that stemmed from software.

No, we’ll leave the techy jargon of sprints, scrums and Kanban to our dev team and explore:

Why agile?

  • Theory and origin
  • Evolution into the workplace
  • Current studies and research

How to create an agile team

  • Company values, goals and culture
  • Training options
  • Flexible working
  • Growth mindset
  • Automating processes
  • Communicating with your people
  • Nurturing and development

Management styles

  • Change management
  • Micro-management
  • Employee relations
  • Soft skills

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