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How agile leaders can boost team engagement

Business leaders always face the challenge of keeping their people motivated and engaged, despite facing ongoing uncertainty. Agility is key to keeping your team engaged, so, how do business leaders become more agile?

We're joined by Stefan Wissenbach, best-selling author and CEO of Engagement Multiplier, to bring you our latest webinar on how agile leadership can boost team engagement and productivity.

You'll learn:

- Why managers need to assess their leadership style as they adjust to the ‘new normal’
- Adopting an outcome-based leadership mindset to manage remote teams, with less focus on hours worked
- How an emphasis on purpose is key to unifying and motivating people, despite the ongoing crisis
- Why effective communication is the glue that holds everything together.

Key resources spoken about throughout the webinar:

- Engagement Multiplier for Breathe Clients - https://signup.engagementmultiplier.c...

- Breathe for Engagement Multiplier clients (15% discount) - https://www.breathehr.com/engagement-...

- Leadership Score Card - https://signup.engagementmultiplier.c...

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