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Life is too short to be unhappy at work – so let’s make it better!

At WeThrive we help our clients create better employee experiences. We are a Brighton team of entrepreneurs, psychologists and professionals who have channelled our knowledge and experience of business improvement into a new kind of Employee Engagement software.

Traditionally, getting a comprehensive picture of employee experience comes at a price tag that only large businesses can afford, but WeThrive makes the same level of insight available to everyone.

We want everyone to have a more satisfactory and productive time at work, and our platform makes it easy for owners and managers to use their time most efficiently, focusing right in on the areas where they directly affect staff engagement and productivity.

This means better productivity – and it helps safeguard the wellbeing of your people by monitoring causes of stress and anxiety.


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Key features

Step beyond the conventional annual employee engagement survey into a new kind of survey software which can see through to how your people truly feel.

WeThrive drills through to the real causes of common workplace issues, including the subconscious factors that are usually hard to identify. You and your managers get comprehensive data and, more importantly, coaching plans, supporting resources and an easy way to track progress.

Many SMEs run staff surveys with Survey Monkey, or even on paper. This takes time and effort (usually un-costed) and rarely leads to decisive outputs or practical improvement. Designing questionnaires, analysing results and producing relevant and realistic action plans is a specialist area.

WeThrive has a unique dynamic survey built around a deep understanding of human psychology. The unique algorithms analyse the results to show you just how your people feel about working for you, and where the opportunities for improvement lie. WeThrive can take you from survey launch to meaningful action plans in just a week.


"The WeThrive solution has helped us easily check and manage employee engagement and satisfaction.

We know that with only a little bit of effort we can take the temperature and derive insightful feedback from our people. This puts us in a far better position to improve engagement within a fast growing business. WeThrive has been invaluable.”

— Pat McDonagh, Clarity The Business Travel Experts


"WeThrive has helped us to take the temperature of our teams engagement regularly and gives us clear, concise actions allowing us to implement and communicate the follow up.

Our team like the consistency and opportunity to feedback to the business. As a construction company we operate 14 remote offices so WeThrive is a great tool to keep a feedback loop open, and to help our managers ensure the teams keep the bigger picture in mind.”

— William Barrett, Francis Construction

Price plans

ProTEAM is £3 per user per month and you get a 30-day free trial and a 50% discount for your first two months. ProTEAM includes;

  • Unlimited surveys using our 4C model of human motivation
  • Optional custom questions
  • Full reporting access and analysis
  • Easy-to-follow action plans
  • Curated learning resources
  • API integration to Breathe

Breathe customers get free concierge setup, and we’ll help launch the first survey and give you a results review online with one of our experts.

Connecting Breathe with WeThrive

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Let’s work together – and make things better

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