Engagement Multiplier

The leading employee engagement platform to make your business more productive, more profitable, and easier to run. More than a survey tool, Engagement Multiplier will enable you to capture the intelligence embedded within your organisation and know where the company stands, so you can act to strengthen your teams and improve the business.

Category: Employee engagement

Engage your team to grow your business


Discover the hidden wisdom and insight in your organisation

Our platform provides an easy-to-use framework to turn insights from your employees into actions that drive the continual profitability and success of your organisation.

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Features for Breathe clients

  • Comprehensive Benchmark Assessment scores employee engagement across multiple dimensions
  • Reporting provides visual data and at-a-glance visibility into company engagement, as well as granular detail across teams
  • Fully anonymous communications your employees can trust
  • Guides & recommended actions enable you to take confident action


Our platform is easy to use and takes work of your plate.


Integrate Engagement Multiplier into your business seamlessly

Gets Results

Make incremental changes to your organisation almost immediately.




Engage your team to grow your business

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"Engagement Multiplier is a Game Changer.... And I say that as a veteran of almost every survey option that we have utilised having fostered disappointment, frustration, and inertia.

The beauty of Engagement Multiplier is that it is not onerous for the staff to complete, is revelatory in its results and offers a tangible guide to management as to what is necessary to fully engage its most precious asset – the workforce.

The 90-day frequency means it is a dynamic tool, rather than retrospective, and the participants actually believe it gives them a say and involvement in the future of the company.

It is not often that simplicity can engender such sophistication and positivity – I have never before truly felt that I knew the wishes of my staff so incontrovertibly."

— Jeremy King, Corbin & King

Price plans

Start with a Free Trial. Receive a complimentary Engagement Report on your business that will deliver significant insight and value.

Thereafter, pricing is clear and straightforward: £50 per employee/licence per annum or £5 per employee/licence per month subject to a minimum of 20 licences.

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