What is HR software?

Relieving the admin. burden.  Save lots of time.

Where can I find Peter’s phone number?

How much holiday do I have left?

Holiday allowance

Manage holiday - from anywhere!

Employee Holiday Management

Bill is owed a day in lieu after working last bank holiday

Janice wants to know how many days holiday she has left

Employee Holiday Management

Report on sickness absence

Sickness Management

How many days has Sally had off this year? She always seems to be sick!

Need to make a note that Bill is off sick today.

Did we get a doctor’s certificate from Anne?

report on sickness

Central store for all employee paperwork

No more need for filing cabinets

What did Tony’s contract say about expenses?

Insurance company wants a copy of Kevin’s driving license?

Did we confirm John’s change of hours?

Central store for all employee paperwork

Manage objectives - improve performance

Performance Management Objectives

What were the objectives I set for him?

How do my objectives fit in with the company’s plans?


Let people find out for themselves

Self service portal for employees

Where does Karen live, I need to pick her up in the morning?

Where are employee home phone numbers if the snow falls?

Employee Directory

Automate holiday allowance calculation

Remove the admin burden

Tony wants to book a holiday.  Is anyone else away at the same time?

How many days leave does Sarah have left this year?

Automate holiday

All employee information in one place

One central online employee database

Payroll need to know when Mary joined.

The pension company wants a list of employees and their start dates


Make reviews happen

Monitor performance – an open and fair system for all

When is Vanessa’s next review?

Has Craig completed his obectives?

Make reviews Happen

Online travel expense claims

Expense reporting software

Submit expense claims while you’re travelling

Consistent categories throughout the company

Expenses Form