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Empower your employees with the ability to manage their HR tasks

Easy to use employee self service system

Save valuable time by arming your employees with the ability to manage their own HR tasks with one solution. With a focus on simplicity and ease of use, Breathe's employee self service software is designed to tame the HR process so that it is employee friendly.

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Stay up to date.

With all employee data in one central place, employees can manage their profile and ensure their information remains up to date. Using the community dashboard, employees also have access to the latest company announcements, the company suggestion wall and be able to view the latest kudos that has been given.


breathe HR dashboard view

Manage performance.

Send colleagues customisable messages of kudos to recognise a job well done. Anyone within a company can give kudos, which allows you to see who is really making an impact.

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Manage time.

The employee self service hr software enables your employees to take control of their time management. Booking holiday, submitting absences and logging overtime makes managing leave easy. The central calendar also means that viewing and tracking leave across the company is simple.

breathe calendar screenshot

Access on the go.

With your information in the cloud, Breathe has created a seamless design that looks beautiful on any device to help you get the job done– no matter where you are. HR software does not have to be complicated or confusing. With absolutely nothing to install and a simple setup process, you will be transforming the way you do HR in minutes. 

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