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Why should you spend hours on admin when it comes to employee information? The simple answer is: you shouldn't. 

With Breathe you can import employee records in bulk, meaning you can focus on getting them settled into the business and help them grow rather than wasting valuable time worrying about filing cabinets and paperwork.

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All the employee information you'll ever need, all in one place

During the Breathe onboarding process you'll be able to easily import details such as:

  • Employee 
  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Additional payments
  • Job roles


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Built-in downloadable templates  

To make the process even easier, a template tailored to each data type makes it easy to input employee details, ready to be uploaded straight into the Breathe system. 



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Amend employee details with ease

This feature is particularly useful if you conduct annual salary appraisals, quarterly bonuses or any other benefit schemes that would be applicable to multiple employees in your business. Export records, make the applicable adjustments and upload back into Breathe. These updates will then be reflected in your next payroll export. It's really that simple.





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A safe place for personal information

Breathe is ISO27001 accredited, meaning that our data security is second to none. You'll have guaranteed peace of mind knowing that all bank details, national insurance numbers and other sensitive details are safely stored in one online place. 

With Breathe being a cloud software, you'll have 24 hour access to these details should you need them, wherever you are. 

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