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Simple rota software for your clients

Leave paper in the past and say hello to the new, smarter way for your clients to schedule their teams' shifts.

Creating a schedule without the right tools can be stressful and time-consuming - but it doesn't have to be - our Rota, Time & Attendance tool can help.

With your clients' people - and their shifts - available at a glance, you can manage their teams the easy way.

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Keep everyone in the loop

With handy email & in-app notifications - as well as super-easy navigation - you, your clients & their people will always be on the same page.

You can even customise notifications for each type of user & tailor the system to your client's needs.

Plus - because Breathe is cloud-based, you & your clients can access rotas on any device - wherever & whenever.

Employee dashboard

Each team-member has their own personal dashboard where they can accept, decline or swap shifts with their team-mates.

They can even set their availability for when you next build their rota.

Give your clients' people the autonomy they deserve and they'll feel valued and trusted - leading to a boost in morale and productivity.

employee dashboard (1)

Build your client's rota in minutes - not hours

Create your client's rota and assign their people to shifts in a flash with time-saving drag & drop functionality.

Add roles & shift times in seconds, and even duplicate any recurring shifts to make life that little bit easier.

Save their rota as a useful schedule template in just a few clicks and apply it to any upcoming weeks to save valuable time.

Save rota template-minAs you add a shift, the scheduling software will show you anyone in that role who's available to work, so you can fill the shift instantly without needing to check.

And, even better - you'll be alerted straight away if any shifts overlap, so you'll never have to worry about rota clashes again.

Keep track of events

Do you clients have big events coming up? Mark these in their rota and keep everything one place.

You can link any associated shifts if their teams are working on an event and record any forecasted or actual sales.

Add an event & forecasts-min

Clear & simple team calendars for your clients

Enjoy around-the-clock visibility of who's working & when with an intuitive team calendar.

View a week's rota at a glance, or even focus on daily shifts and break them down hourly.

Rota man with calendar-min (1)

Notify your clients of upcoming shifts and share rota updates in a flash with a shareable calendar and handy in-app & email notifications.

With full access to who's working when & for how long, your clients' teams will never miss a shift again.

Team calendar-min

Manage multiple locations

Got more than one location needing a rota? No problem. Easily build & share team calendars for multiple locations - all in one central place.

With the shareable calendar, you & your clients have visibility of the rota set for their specific location.

Time tracking made simple

Help keep your clients compliant by capturing & storing timesheets electronically.

Record who's worked and when, approve timesheets instantly & eliminate manual work.

Timesheets main screen-minGive your clients autonomy by allowing them to submit their own timesheets or record them automatically as their people clock in & out with the TimeClock tool.

Approve their timesheets in just one click - individually or in bulk - and give yourself back valuable time.

Plus, with our useful weekly summary, you'll see hours worked and budget spent per day/week - all at a glance.

Keep track of hours worked and compare them against your client's rota in one place with Breathe's handy timesheet filters.

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Simple reporting

Breathe's timesheet software makes it easy to report on hours worked by location, employee or position.

Name your clients' reports and keep them saved in one place so you can access them next time in just one click.

You can even set up automated report schedules and choose the day & time you'd like them to run - whether that's daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Effortlessly record your clients start/finish times


Keep track of when your clients' start and finish their shifts with the TimeClock tool.

Simply display on a tablet or computer in their staff room - for example - and their people can clock in & out in just a few seconds.

You can even choose how soon they clock in before a shift, as well as flexibility for lateness, so you won't need to lift a finger.

How much does it cost?

Additional modules can be turned on & off as your clients need them.

Pricing starts from £5 per month, per business for your clients already using our core HR software.

New client pricing starts from £16 per month, per business. This includes Breathe's core HR software.

Please note - Rota, Time and Attendance is an additional module to the core HR software product and cannot be purchased separately at this time.

Cost of Rota, Time & Attendance for existing Core HR clients

1-10 people
£ 5
/per month per business
11-20 people
£ 9
/per month per business
21-50 people
£ 24
/per month per business
51-100 people
£ 47
/per month per business
101-250 people
£ 96
/per month per business
All prices are exclusive of VAT & are an additional cost to a client's existing Breathe HR plan.

New client Core HR + Rota, Time & Attendance

1-10 people
£ 16
/per month per business
11-20 people
£ 32
/per month per business
21-50 people
£ 83
/per month per business
51-100 people
£ 165
/per month per business
101-250 people
£ 337
/per month per business
All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Key selling points for you and your clients

  • Build and publish your clients' rota in a flash
  • Receive handy email and in-app notifications
  • Effortlessly record start/finish times with TimeClock
  • Stay compliant and store clients' timesheets securely in the cloud
  • View your clients' people and their shifts at a glance
  • Share your clients' team calendar instantly
  • Your clients' people can accept, decline and swap shifts with their own personal dashboard
  • Plan client events and view their personnel budgets all in one place
  • Save valuable time with rota templates
  • Create customisable, automatic reports
  • Fully mobile-optimised - manage clients' shifts from any device
  • Manage multiple locations in one secure place
  • Assign clients' employees to multiple roles
  • Pricing starts from £16 per month

Marketing materials

Download our handy flyers and show your clients the benefits of our Rota, Time and Attendance tool - manage their people the right way.

Breathe RTA Partner flyer 603px-min
Breathe RTA Partner clients flyer-min

Training and resources

Watch our helpful training videos below and see how our Rota, Time and Attendance tool can help you to support your clients and their rota management. Plus, read our helpful FAQs for more information.



Can working pattern and holiday information from Breathe HR sync across to Rota, Time and Attendance?

No. Working pattern and holiday information is not included as part of the integration between the two systems, however this is something we're looking to add very soon.

Is there an audit trail within Rota, Time and Attendance?

Yes. Please see this guide to find out more about the audit trail process.

What formats can reports be downloaded to?

Reports can be downloaded to CSV and PDF formats.

Can timesheets be auto-approved?

Yes, if this is enabled within your client's account settings. Find out more about timesheets here.


To find out more visit our Rota, Time & Attendance support articles.

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