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Seamless recruitment for your clients

Take ownership of every step of your clients' recruitment process with Breathe's Recruitment tool. Create and share your clients' new vacancies, assign applicants to recruiters, and much more - all within our easy-to-use tool.

With the Breathe recruitment module, posting detailed vacancies on your clients' website is a breeze - plus, with our built-in application form, collecting their candidate details is effortless.

Applicants can attach additional documents - cover letters and portfolios - giving you and your clients all the information you need, while keeping everything in one secure place.

As soon as a candidate applies, they'll automatically be added to Breathe as an applicant. From here, you can add notes, reject, archive, shortlist, or invite them to an interview with your client.

Found the right person to fill a role?

Once your client has hired someone from their list of applicants, simply change their status to 'employee' and their details will be pulled across to your client's Breathe account.

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Remember, the employee experience starts with the application process - so it's important to get it right with your clients.

With our recruitment tool you'll offer their people a flawless user experience with no paperwork - from application through to booking their first holiday.

Is your client keen to keep an applicant in mind for future roles?

No problem - simply archive their details and they'll be a few clicks away for you if a new position comes up.

You can even add tags next to them so you and your client can keep track of the qualities which stood out most.

How much does it cost?

Additional modules can be turned on & off as your clients need them.

Pricing starts from £5 per month per business for two vacancies, or you can enjoy unlimited vacancies for £20 per month, per business. This is an additional cost to your clients' monthly Breathe plans.

Check our pricing for more information.

Key selling points for you & your clients

  • Take ownership of your clients' recruitment process
  • Create and share new vacancies
  • Assign applicants to recruiters
  • Collect important candidate details effortlessly with a built-in application form
  • Collate additional documents, including cover letters and portfolios
  • Save your applicant details in one secure place
  • Reject, archive and shortlist your clients' applicants
  • A seamless experience with zero paperwork
  • Contact archived applicants in just a few clicks
  • Pricing starts from just £5 per month

Training and resources

Watch our helpful training videos below to see how you can access our easy-to-use Recruitment tool within your client's account. Plus, read our recruitment and onboarding guide for more information.



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Can I have more than one recruiter?

You can only set one recruiter to oversee the recruitment process. This means the administrative side of the application stays in the hands of one person.

However, CVs can be downloaded and shared with a 3rd party if required so that they can participate in the recruitment process and HR and admin can view all vacancies.

Can I customise the vacancy form?

The vacancy form isn't currently customisable.

What happens to my data if I switch off Recruitment?

  • When you switch off the Recruitment module all your information will remain in the system with the exception of archived applicants.
  • Breathe will automatically delete any archived applicant after 90 days (unless the applicant gives authorisation for you to hold their data for future roles and you exclude them from the automatic deletion).

To find out more visit our recruitment FAQs.

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