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Manage your clients' expenses with ease

Have ultimate control over your clients' expenses with Breathe's Expenses tool.

Submit claims, upload receipts and submit for approval - all in a matter of minutes.

Approve and track claims at the touch of a button & instantly view expenses history and outstanding payments.


Effortless, efficient approvals


Approving your clients' expenses has never been quicker or easier.

Claims and receipts can be instantly approved or rejected, with the option to add a comment.

Handy email notifications keep everyone informed throughout the process.

Greater visibility and control

Remove confusion with allowances and spend-limits and increase your client's accountability.

Breathe lets you monitor expenses against specific projects or clients, helping you keep a close eye on budgets and project expenditure.


Easy automated expenses reporting

breathe_sales_expenses_report_interface@2xAutomated reports highlight your clients' expenditure trends and keeps your finger on their expenses pulse.

Breathe's online expense tool lets you filter by expense claim status, project, department, division, or location.

You can even export their expenses data to Excel in an instant.

How much does it cost?

Additional modules are chargeable and can be turned on and off as your clients need them.

Pricing starts from £5 per month per business.

Please note - Expenses is an additional module to the core HR software product and cannot be purchased separately at this time.

1-10 people
£ 5
/per month per business
11-20 people
£ 9
/per month per business
21-50 people
£ 24
/per month per business
51-100 people
£ 47
/per month per business
101-250 people
£ 96
/per month per business
All prices are exclusive of VAT & are an additional cost to a client's existing Breathe HR plan.

Key selling points for you and your clients

  • Simple and speedy claims
  • Effortlessly record and submit expenses at your desk, at home or on the go
  • Quickly calculate your clients' mileage
  • Clients' can upload receipts in a flash
  • Keep everything organised and eliminate lost-receipt woes
  • Approve, reject, and track clients' claims at the touch of a button
  • Instantly view clients' expenses history and outstanding payments
  • Monitor expenses against specific projects or clients
  • Automated reporting
  • Filter expense claims via status, project, department, division, and location
  • Instantly export your clients' expenses data to Excel
  • Pricing starts from £5 per month

Training and resources

Watch our helpful training videos below and see how our Expenses tool can help you to easily manage your clients' expenses.


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